Canada is Running Out of Marijuana Two Days After Drug Became Legal

Two days after they opened the marijuana stores in Canada after their recreational use was legalized, the customers went from joy to disappointment when they saw the stocks running out, and the few that remained raised their price. This has caused that during the weekend the clients could not buy it.

According to the Independent, the Canadian Police had to assist to help in the long queues that consumers made in establishments that sold cannabis. Bill Blair, a former police chief in Toronto who led the legalization program, told CBC that Canada was not able to supply enough to meet the demand.

After waiting seven hours in a row at a store in downtown Montreal, Alexandre, 30, was rejected when the end of his wait coincided with the closure. The Police had to intervene to disperse the crowd. “It was hell, it was cold,” Alexandre said. “But we had fun anyway, talking to people from the crowd and sharing meetings,” he told Abs-Cbn.

This weekend the stores had problems to provide the necessary supplies, after the opening of the market at the national level last Wednesday in the frame of a series of critics on the impact that this can have on the Health, the law and the public security, according to the CBC network.

The provinces and municipalities have been preparing for months to lift the ban. The territories are responsible for implementing the approved measures so that the population can buy or consume the drug following the new regulations.

Last June, the Governor General of Canada, Julie Payette, signed the legal text which was approved by the Senate with 52 votes in favor and 29 against. Liberals of the Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who have promoted the campaign in favor of legalization, have indicated that the new law will prevent consumption by minors and reduce the crime related to the sale and consumption of the said drug.

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