Columbia Rejects the Expulsion of Council

In the middle of the diplomatic crisis that has generated the deportation on the part of the Colombian government of the Venezuelan citizen Carlos Pino García, which was answered by Venezuela with the expulsion of the Colombian consul in Caracas, Juan Carlos Pérez Villamizar, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said his concern about the lack of guarantees that consular officials have to exercise their work in Venezuela.

“Faced with this fact (the expulsion of the consul in Caracas), the Foreign Ministry expresses its deepest concern and uneasiness due to the lack of guarantees on the part of the Venezuelan Government to our consular officials for the proper exercise of the work aimed at assisting the numerous nationals resident in the neighboring country, “says the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

According to the Venezuelan government, the Colombian consul did not presumably have the necessary credentials to remain in Venezuela. However, the Foreign Ministry clarified that “it requested the corresponding accreditation of the consular official, by verbal note dated April 11, 2018, without any response being obtained from the Venezuelan Ministry of Popular Power for Foreign Affairs.”

The expulsion of Pérez Villamizar from Venezuela occurred, according to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, under the “principle of reciprocity” for the deportation of Venezuelan citizen Carlos Pino García, who was expelled from the country by the Colombian immigration authorities as a “threat to the National security”.

On the case of the Colombian consul, the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramírez, affirmed on Thursday that the cases of Pino García and the official in Caracas, Pérez Villamizar, are unparalleled, since unlike the consul, “Pino did not have a function public was not accredited as a diplomat in Colombia. ”

“What the Venezuelan government is doing is unacceptable from the point of view of international law because it is expelling a duly accredited career official who exercises consular functions,” Ramírez explained at a press conference Thursday in Bogotá.

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