Quebec Moves to Increase the Minimum Age of Marijuana Consumption

Another element of their electoral promises that the new government of the CAQ is fulfilling is the increase of the minimum age to be able to consume marijuana legally in the province, from 18 to 21 years.

In addition, the government of Quebec will prohibit the use of cannabis in public spaces, including streets, parks and sports fields.

The CAQ presented its law this Wednesday morning. This strengthens the guidelines regarding the legalization of marijuana, with respect to the law presented by the former governor of the Liberals, in June of this year.

These modifications, of course, require a vote in the National Assembly, but remember that the CAQ has a majority government.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, again raised his doubts about the increase in the minimum age, stating that “it brings questions such as, this week an 18-year-old can go and buy cannabis legally, but in a few months You will have to go to the Hells Angels to buy it. These are questions that the government will have to answer, ” said Trudeau.

On the prohibition of cannabis in public, The law of the liberals prohibited the consumption of marijuana in the same locations where smoking is not allowed, as in the fields of universities and CEGEPS, hospitals and social service institutions, primary schools and nurseries.

That law did not establish the prohibition for all public places, however, the municipalities would have the power to make stricter rules.

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