Flying a Plane on Venus’s Atmosphere is Completely Possible

After Mars, now Venus is making the headlines. An aerospace company in America is claiming that a plane can fly through the Venus atmosphere by 2021. A project called VAMP (Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform) is a plane concept capable of flying through Venus’ atmosphere filled with Sulphur. The plane would then help in studying the atmosphere of Venus.

This inflatable propeller plane is set to be having a wingspan of 55 meters, reaching a top-speed of about 220km/h. Based on numerous studies, the surface temperature of Venus is about 460 degrees Celsius, which is the challenging part as getting high-quality data would be difficult. Surviving in Venus’s atmosphere is possible however, but not more than 4 hours.

Another challenge to this project is the American aerospace company, requires a staggering USD 1 billion from NASA as a fund to start off the project immediately.

The good news is, the flight will only be flying 50 to 70 kms above Venus’ surface. That’s because the pressure is suitable for the plane, helping researchers to carry out their studies. It is also believed that the temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius on that altitude, making it easier for the plane to float while conducting studies.

A spacecraft would be needed to carry the plane. The plane is capable of detaching itself once it reaches the orbit, easily entering the surface atmosphere of Venus by itself.

If the plan is successful then the plane will be launched within the next 2 to 3 years.

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