Amid severe crisis, petrol and diesel prices in Sri Lanka reduced by Rs.4.44 per liter in India!!

Colombo: After Pakistan, another neighboring country, Sri Lanka, has reduced the prices of petrol and diesel significantly amid severe crisis. While the Rajapakse family has been eliminated from Sri Lankan politics by the People’s Revolution, the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, a government company in Sri Lanka, has increased the retail prices of diesel and petrol by Rs. 20 has reduced. The price has been increased 5 times since last February, but now the price has been reduced. Accordingly, the reduced price of petrol and diesel has come into effect from 10 pm onwards.

petrol and diesel prices in Sri Lanka

In Indian terms, Octane 92 petrol price is Rs.99.89 per liter and Octane 95 petrol price is Rs. 119.87 is being sold. Super diesel is sold at Rs.113.21 per litre. People are waiting in long queues for days due to insufficient stock at petrol, diesel and gas filling stations.

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