Russia Arrests a US Citizen by Claiming Him to be a Spy

Russia’s spy suspicions have led to the arrest of a US citizen named Paul Whelan claiming to be a spy. The American citizen was arrested by the Russian Security Service members and... Read more »

US Citizen Arrested of Being Spy in Moscow

The Russian Security Service (FSB) has arrested a US citizen in Moscow for espionage. The FSB (the former KGB) identifies in a statement the detainee as Paul Whelan and explains that he... Read more »

US Accuses China for Massive Hacking and Data Theft

The United States announced yesterday a possible attack by Chinese hackers, who would have attacked companies in a dozen countries on behalf of Beijing. The Trump government insisted once again on its... Read more »

El Salvadoran Court Frees Woman Jailed Under Anti-abortion Law

This was the cry that was heard this Monday, at the exit of the Salvadoran court of Usulután. Inside, Justice had just acquitted Imelda Cortez, the 21-year-old girl, imprisoned a year and... Read more »