Due to fuel shortages and traffic jams in Sri Lanka, school holidays have been announced again.

Colombo: Another week of holiday has been announced in Sri Lanka due to fuel shortage, as schools were to start today. Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. The people of the country are facing hardships in many ways such as shortage of fuel, food, electricity and medical services. In this case, for the past few days in Sri Lanka, live classes in schools have been canceled and online classes have been held. It was earlier announced that schools would reopen today.

However, schools have been declared closed for one more week from today due to the continued severe fuel shortage. The government has issued this notification as there is not enough vehicle for students and teachers to go to schools due to fuel shortage. In this regard, the Government of Sri Lanka has informed that it is planned to hold the missing subjects during the next vacation season. Last month too, schools were closed for more than two weeks due to the fuel crisis. In this case, Sri Lankan Education Department Secretary Nihal Ransinghe said, ‘Schools have asked students to take online classes.

Due to fuel shortages and traffic jams in Sri Lanka, school holidays have been announced again.
He said that if the schools want to function, the students can make them come without disturbing the traffic of the teachers. Similarly, it has been ordered that the electricity should not be disconnected from 8 am to 1 pm for students to study online. Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis not seen since its independence in 1948. Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned due to the people’s revolution. Ranil Wickremesinghe has taken charge as the new Prime Minister. However, the crisis in Sri Lanka has not subsided. People’s struggle did not stop. In this case, the successive extension of school vacations has questioned the future of the country’s student wealth.

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