What Gender is Mort from Madagascar: An In-Depth Look

Madagascar is an animated movie series that has captured the hearts of many. The characters in the film bring life and humor to the story, which resonates with audiences of all ages. One such character is Mort, the tiny lemur who’s never far away from King Julien. Mort’s gender is a topic that has long been debated by fans of the movie. Over the years, fans have come up with different theories about Mort’s gender, but none seem to have a concrete answer. In this article, we’ll explore the topic of Mort’s gender and try to find out what gender Mort really is.

Introduction to Mort from Madagascar

Mort is a small, fluffy, and adorable lemur who is a prominent character in the Madagascar movie series. Mort is often seen hanging around King Julien, the ring-tailed lemur who is the king of the lemurs. Mort is known for his cute appearance, his obsession with feet, and his high-pitched voice. Despite being a minor character in the movies, Mort has become a fan favorite, and people often wonder about his gender.

What Gender is Mort from Madagascar: An In-Depth Look
What Gender is Mort from Madagascar: An In-Depth Look

Mort’s Physical Appearance

To identify Mort’s gender, we need to analyze his physical appearance. Mort is a small lemur with soft, white fur, and giant eyes. Mort’s body shape is round, and he has a long, thin tail. However, Mort doesn’t have any physical characteristics that are specific to either gender. Both male and female lemurs have similar physical features, making it difficult to determine Mort’s gender based on his appearance.

Mort’s Personality and Behavior

Mort’s personality and behavior are also crucial factors in identifying his gender. Mort is a hyperactive lemur who’s always jumping around and clinging to people’s feet. Mort’s voice is high-pitched, and he often squeals when he’s excited. Although Mort has a male-sounding voice, his personality and behavior are not typical of what society would consider a male lemur. On the other hand, Mort’s obsession with feet is a behavior that is more commonly associated with female lemurs.

Fan Theories About Mort’s Gender

Over the years, fans of Madagascar have come up with various theories about Mort’s gender. Some fans believe that Mort is female because he has a high-pitched voice and is often seen snuggling up to King Julien. Other fans argue that Mort is male because of his physical appearance and because he’s seen hanging out with other male characters in the movie. However, none of these theories have a concrete answer, and the topic of Mort’s gender remains a mystery.

Final Thoughts

The mystery of Mort’s gender remains unsolved, with fans still debating whether Mort is male or female. Based on Mort’s physical appearance, behavior, and personality, it’s difficult to determine his gender. While some fans believe that Mort is female, others argue that he is male. Ultimately, what matters most is how we perceive Mort as a character. Whether he’s male or female, Mort is still a beloved character in the Madagascar franchise who brings joy and laughter to audiences of all ages.


The question of Mort’s gender in Madagascar remains unanswered, and fans are still divided on this topic. We’ve analyzed Mort’s physical appearance, behavior, and personality, but none of these factors are conclusive in determining his gender. As a society, we must recognize that gender identity is a personal and complex topic that goes beyond physical characteristics. Regardless of Mort’s gender, he is a beloved character whose personality and uniqueness have left an impression on fans around the world.


  1. What is the character Mort from Madagascar?

Mort is a cute and small lemur character from the animated movie franchise Madagascar, which was produced by DreamWorks Animation. He has a naive and childlike personality and is known for his big, round eyes and obsession with King Julien’s feet.

  1. What gender is Mort in the Madagascar series?

Mort is a male character in the Madagascar series. Despite his innocent and adorable appearance, he is referred to using male pronouns throughout the movies and related media.

  1. What is Mort’s role in the Madagascar movies?

Mort serves as a supporting character in the Madagascar franchise. He is a member of King Julien’s royal court and often acts as comic relief in the series due to his quirky personality and endearing antics.

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