Who is Leaving DOOL in 2023: Cast Departures and Exits


Subheading 1: What You Need to Know About DOOL Cast Changes Subheading 2: The Impact of Cast Departures on Storylines Subheading 3: How the Show Addresses Character Exits Subheading 4: Memorable Goodbyes and Farewells in DOOL History Subheading 5: Who Might Return to DOOL After Their Departure?

As a longtime fan and follower of Days of Our Lives (DOOL), I’ve seen many cast members come and go throughout the years. With each departure, the show’s dynamic shifts, and fans are left to wonder what lies ahead for their favorite characters. In this article, we’ll explore who is leaving DOOL in 2023, and how these changes will affect the beloved soap opera.

Are you curious about which actors and characters will be exiting the show in 2023? The list of departing cast members will be revealed as the year progresses, with some exits being more surprising than others. As we delve into this topic, we’ll also discuss the impact these departures have on storylines and how the show handles character exits. By following this article, you’ll stay up-to-date with all the latest DOOL news and developments. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Salem and discover what’s in store for our favorite characters!

What You Need to Know About DOOL Cast Changes

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) is well-known for its ever-changing cast, with actors frequently joining and departing the show. This long-running soap opera has seen numerous characters come and go, each leaving their mark on the fictional town of Salem. As the storylines evolve, new characters are introduced, while others bid farewell. Understanding these cast changes is crucial for fans who want to stay updated with the latest developments.

One of the main reasons for cast changes in DOOL is to keep the show fresh and exciting. By introducing new characters or developing existing ones, the writers can explore different relationships, storylines, and conflicts. These changes also give the opportunity for actors to pursue other projects or take a break from the rigorous demands of a daytime soap opera.

In recent years, DOOL has experienced a significant number of cast changes, with some actors returning after a hiatus and others leaving permanently. For instance, several original cast members have made brief comebacks, while newer characters have made a lasting impact on the show’s storylines. This continuous flow of talent helps maintain the show’s popularity and keeps fans engaged as they follow the ever-evolving world of Salem.

The Impact of Cast Departures on Storylines

When a cast member leaves DOOL, it can significantly impact the show’s storylines. Departures may lead to the end of long-running story arcs, shifts in character relationships, or even the introduction of new characters to fill the void.

who is leaving dool in 2023
who is leaving dool in 2023
  • Storylines may be adjusted or rewritten to accommodate the departure.
  • Characters may be recast with a new actor, allowing for a seamless transition in the storyline.
  • Departing characters might be killed off, leading to emotional and dramatic moments for remaining characters.
  • Characters could leave Salem temporarily, with the possibility of returning at a later date.

While some departures may have a minimal effect on the overall plot, others can lead to substantial changes in the show’s direction. The writers and producers must carefully navigate these transitions to maintain continuity and keep fans engaged with the ever-evolving storylines.

How the Show Addresses Character Exits

Days of Our Lives has different ways of addressing character exits, depending on the circumstances surrounding the departure. These methods can range from recasting the role to writing the character off the show entirely. Let’s explore some common approaches used by the show’s writers and producers:

  • Recasting the role: In some cases, a new actor is brought in to take over an existing character. This allows for a seamless transition in the storyline and maintains continuity.
  • Temporary exits: Characters might leave Salem for a period, with the possibility of returning at a later date. This option is often used when an actor takes a break or pursues other projects.
  • Permanent exits: When an actor decides to leave the show permanently, their character may be killed off or written out in a way that closes their storyline. This can lead to emotional and dramatic moments for remaining characters.
  • Off-screen mentions: Sometimes, characters are kept “alive” through off-screen mentions by other characters. This method keeps the door open for potential returns in the future.

Regardless of the approach taken, the show’s creative team must carefully handle character exits to ensure storylines remain engaging and consistent for loyal DOOL fans.

Memorable Goodbyes and Farewells in DOOL History

Over the years, Days of Our Lives has seen numerous emotional goodbyes and farewells that have left a lasting impact on both the characters and the fans. Let’s take a look at some of the most memorable departures in the show’s history:

  • Bo Brady (Peter Reckell): Bo’s death in 2015 was an emotional and heartbreaking moment for fans, as he succumbed to a brain tumor shortly after reuniting with his true love, Hope.
  • Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney): Sami’s exit in 2014 had her leaving Salem to start a new life in Hollywood. However, she has made several returns since then, much to the delight of fans.
  • EJ DiMera (James Scott): EJ’s “death” in 2014 shocked viewers, but his body was later revealed to have been stolen and revived off-screen. He eventually returned to Salem in 2021, portrayed by actor Dan Feuerriegel.
  • Will Horton (Chandler Massey): Will’s murder in 2015 sent shockwaves through Salem. Luckily for fans, he was brought back to life in 2017, once again played by Chandler Massey.
  • Kristen DiMera (Eileen Davidson): Kristen has had numerous exits and returns throughout the years. One of the most memorable was her 1998 exit when she was presumed dead after falling into a vat of acid.

These unforgettable farewells have not only shaped the storylines but also left a lasting impression on DOOL fans as they remember the beloved characters who have come and gone.

Who Might Return to DOOL After Their Departure?

Days of Our Lives has a history of bringing back beloved characters after their departure, either for guest appearances or full-time returns. Here’s a list of characters who might make a comeback in the future:

  • Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney): With Sami’s frequent exits and returns, it’s always possible she could come back to Salem for another storyline.
  • EJ DiMera (Dan Feuerriegel): As the recast EJ DiMera, Dan Feuerriegel has already made his return to the show. However, his character’s complex history leaves room for more surprises.
  • Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo): Although Joseph Mascolo passed away in 2016, the character of Stefano DiMera has been “resurrected” multiple times. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Stefano could return in some form.
  • Carrie Brady (Christie Clark): Carrie has made several guest appearances over the years. There’s always a chance she could return for a longer storyline or even a permanent stay in Salem.
  • Shawn Douglas Brady (Brandon Beemer): Shawn has been on and off the canvas multiple times, and his connection to the Brady family means he could easily be brought back for more storylines.

While there’s no guarantee these characters will return, Days of Our Lives has proven time and time again that anything is possible in Salem. Fans can only hope to see their favorite characters make a triumphant return in the future.


Cast departures and character exits are an integral part of the ever-evolving world of Days of Our Lives. These changes keep the show fresh and engaging, while also providing opportunities for actors to explore new projects. As we’ve seen, some of these exits have led to unforgettable goodbyes, while others have left the door open for potential returns.

As a DOOL fan, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest cast changes and developments. While saying goodbye to our favorite characters can be emotional, the possibility of their return keeps us hopeful and excited for what the future holds in Salem.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do actors leave Days of Our Lives?

Actors may leave DOOL for various reasons, such as pursuing other projects, taking a break from the rigorous demands of a daytime soap opera, or due to creative differences with the show’s producers.

2. How does DOOL handle character exits?

DOOL handles character exits in different ways, including recasting the role, having the character leave temporarily, writing the character off permanently, or keeping them alive through off-screen mentions.

3. Can characters return after leaving DOOL?

Yes, characters can return to DOOL after their departure. This often happens when an actor decides to rejoin the show or when the writers decide to bring back a character for a specific storyline.

4. What are some memorable goodbyes in DOOL history?

Some memorable DOOL goodbyes include Bo Brady’s death, Sami Brady’s exit to Hollywood, and EJ DiMera’s “death” and subsequent return.

5. What is the impact of cast departures on DOOL storylines?

Cast departures can have significant effects on DOOL storylines, leading to the end of long-running story arcs, shifts in character relationships, or the introduction of new characters to fill the void.


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