Airbus Canada’s Mirabel Workers Vote for Strike Mandate Amid Negotiation Stalemate

In a decisive move, union members at Airbus Canada’s Mirabel facility have voted overwhelmingly for a strike mandate, rejecting the latest offer from the employer. The vote, announced by the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW), reflects the workers’ determination to secure better terms in their collective agreement, particularly concerning salary increases, shift premiums, vacation policies, work schedules, job security, and benefits.

Union’s Strong Stance

The union’s stance is clear: the current offer does not meet the expectations of the workers, especially in light of the recent inflationary pressures. The negotiation team, led by spokesperson Éric Rancourt, has emphasized the need for improvements, not setbacks. The workers’ rejection of the offer was nearly unanimous, with 99.6% of Airbus Canada unit members voting against it.

The strike mandate, supported by 98.9% of voting members, equips the union with significant leverage as they return to the negotiating table. The union has expressed disappointment with the proposed increases, which they argue fail to compensate for the loss of purchasing power caused by inflation.

Airbus Canada
Airbus Canada

Key Issues at the Heart of Negotiations

At the core of the negotiations are critical issues that affect the daily lives and future security of the workers. Salary increases are a primary concern, with union members seeking adjustments that reflect the rising cost of living. Shift and assignment bonuses, which compensate for the demanding nature of their work, are also on the table.

Vacations, work schedules, and job guarantees are equally important, as they directly impact the workers’ work-life balance and long-term stability. The pension and group insurance plan negotiations reflect the workers’ need for a robust safety net.

Next Steps in the Negotiation Process

As the two sides prepare to continue discussions, the outcome remains uncertain. The union’s strong mandate indicates a readiness to take action if necessary, but there is still hope for a resolution that satisfies both parties. The next round of talks is a crucial opportunity for Airbus Canada to address the union’s concerns and avoid a potential strike that could disrupt operations.

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