Aldi, the German discount supermarket chain, has announced its plan to open more stores in the UK as it aims to have a store “close to everyone in the UK”. The retailer has opened its 1,000th UK store and has plans to open a further 500 in the country.

Aldi’s growth strategy

Aldi has been growing rapidly in the UK, challenging the dominance of the big four supermarkets – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons. According to the latest data from Kantar, Aldi has a 9.1% market share in the UK, making it the fourth-largest supermarket behind Tesco (26.8%), Sainsbury’s (14.9%) and Asda (14.4%).

Aldi to open more stores in UK as it backs Britain with expansion plan
Aldi to open more stores in UK as it backs Britain with expansion plan

Aldi’s growth strategy is based on offering low prices, high quality and a limited range of products. The retailer claims that it can save customers up to 50% compared to other supermarkets by focusing on its own-brand products and avoiding unnecessary costs.

Aldi also invests in its stores, staff and supply chain to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. The retailer has recently introduced new initiatives such as sensory-friendly shopping hours, more loose fruits and vegetables, and updated packaging to reduce plastic waste.

Aldi’s expansion plan

Aldi has shared the locations where it wants to open branches across the UK. The retailer is looking for suitable sites in towns and areas that do not have an Aldi already. The areas include London, South West, South East, North West, North East, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, Yorkshire and the Humber, Wales and Scotland.

Some of the specific locations that Aldi is targeting are Kensington and Hackney in London, Penzance and Bath in South West, Maidenhead and Worthing in South East, Warrington and Bramhall in North West, Newcastle Upon Tyne and South Shields in North East, Nottingham and Derby in East Midlands, Birmingham and Warwick in West Midlands, Cambridge and Brentwood in East of England, Harrogate and York in Yorkshire and the Humber, Cardiff and Chepstow in Wales, and Clarkston and Cathcart in Scotland.

Aldi has also revealed the dates of some of its upcoming store openings. The retailer will open a new store in Slough on October 12, followed by another one in Doncaster on October 5. These are part of the 40 new stores that Aldi plans to open this year.

Aldi’s commitment to Britain

Aldi’s expansion plan is a sign of its commitment to Britain amid the uncertainties of Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic. The retailer employs over 38,000 people in the UK and works with over 1,000 British suppliers. Aldi also supports various charities and causes such as Teenage Cancer Trust, Neighbourly and Plastic Oceans UK.

Communications director at Aldi UK Richard Thornton said: “We want to make our great value groceries accessible to all, and to do that we need more stores, particularly in towns and areas that don’t have an Aldi already.

“The areas we’ve identified in our latest list are places where there is demand for stores and we are committed to continue investing until we can bring our quality products and unbeatable prices to as many people as possible.”


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