Alfa Romeo to launch electric 4E roadster as 4C successor in 2028

Alfa Romeo is planning to introduce a new electric roadster as part of its electrification strategy to revamp and expand its product portfolio. The new model, which is likely to be called the 4E, will be a successor to the 4C, which was discontinued in 2019.

Electric Spider inspired by 33 Stradale

The new electric roadster will draw design cues from the limited-edition 33 Stradale supercar, which was launched earlier this year as Alfa Romeo’s first-ever electric vehicle. The 33 Stradale features a new-style shield grille, an elliptical bonnet and light signature, and a bluff ‘coda tronca’ rear end. The 33 Stradale was designed to maximize aerodynamic efficiency, which will also be important for the 4E.

Alfa Romeo to launch electric 4E roadster as 4C successor in 2028
Alfa Romeo to launch electric 4E roadster as 4C successor in 2028


The new Spider might inherit the iconic name from Alfa Romeo’s heritage, as the brand’s product boss Daniel Guzzafame suggested in an interview with Autocar. He said that the Spider and the love of cars are some of the items that Alfa Romeo doesn’t kill, and that they want to continue them because that’s the brand. He also said that they are working on making the electric roadster a plan, but the name is typically decided very late in the development process to prevent leaks.

Electric powertrain with huge power and range

The 4E will be based on Stellantis’ STLA Medium platform, which is shared with models like the new Peugeot e-3008 and the upcoming electric Giulia. The platform can accommodate battery packs of up to 104 kWh, which could give the 4E a range of more than 500 miles. The power output is expected to be around 400 hp, which would make the 4E one of the most powerful electric roadsters on the market.

The 4E will compete with rivals such as the next Alpine A110, the next Porsche Boxster, and the reborn Lotus Elise. All of these models are also expected to adopt electric powertrains in the near future, as the sports car segment shifts towards zero-emissions mobility.

Part of a broader electrification strategy

The 4E is part of a broader electrification strategy that Alfa Romeo is pursuing to revitalize and expand its line-up. The Italian brand aims to achieve profitability and set a new sales record by the middle of the decade. It will introduce an electric small SUV in 2024, followed by electric replacements for the Giulia sedan and Stelvio SUV. The final stage of this roadmap will see Alfa Romeo launch larger sedan and SUV models, targeting the Chinese and American markets.

The electric roadster will not arrive until after 2027, as Guzzafame said that it will be within reach once Alfa Romeo has five cars in its line-up. He also said that they want to make sure that when they launch the Spider, they are credible, sustainable, and don’t just throw something on the market for the sake of it.

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