Giorgio Armani, the world-renowned Italian designer, presented his latest collection at Milan fashion week on Sunday, September 24, 2023. The collection, titled “Vibrations”, was inspired by his lifelong interest in science and the phenomenon of light.

A fusion of science and art

Armani explained that he wanted to explore the concept of “countless light vibrations creating new colours as well as surface vibrations on clothes”. He used iridescent fabrics, shimmering sequins, and undulating layers to create a sense of movement and fluidity. The colours ranged from soft pastels to metallic hues, reflecting the different shades of light.

Armani’s new collection inspired by light and science
Armani’s new collection inspired by light and science

The designer also played with shapes and proportions, mixing tailored jackets with loose trousers, or oversized coats with fitted dresses. He added some unexpected elements, such as feathered collars, fringed skirts, and transparent veils. The result was a collection that balanced elegance and innovation, sophistication and playfulness.

A consistent vision

Armani, who will celebrate his 40th anniversary in the fashion industry next year, said that he was not interested in following trends or chasing attention. He said that he preferred to maintain his own style and identity, while adapting to the changing times.

“Coherence is the ability to adapt to the moment in your own personal way: maintaining continuity with what came before,” he said. He added that he found the current moment “perfectly suited” for his “quiet softness”.

The designer also expressed his concern about the direction of the fashion industry, which he said was becoming too dominated by large conglomerates and superficial entertainment. He said that he valued creating clothes that people could wear and enjoy, rather than just being seen in.

A star-studded show

The show was attended by several celebrities and fashion insiders, who praised Armani’s vision and craftsmanship. Among them were Cate Blanchett, Juliette Binoche, and Lily Allen, who wore outfits from the designer’s previous collections.

Armani received a standing ovation at the end of the show, as he greeted the audience with a smile. He proved once again that he is one of the most influential and respected figures in the fashion world.


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