Australia, October 16, 2023 – The Australian government is taking decisive steps to regulate the digital currency landscape. Treasurer Jim Chalmers has unveiled a proposal aimed at protecting Australians who own digital assets, including cryptocurrencies. Here are the key points from the proposed reforms:

1. Subjecting Platforms to Financial Services Laws

The heart of the reforms lies in bringing crypto exchanges and digital asset platforms under the umbrella of existing Australian financial services laws. Platforms that hold over $1,500 of an individual’s assets or $5 million in aggregate will be subject to these regulations. This move aims to enhance oversight and raise operational standards for online platforms that handle billions of dollars in assets.

Treasurer Proposes Cryptocurrency Reforms to Safeguard Australian Investors
Treasurer Proposes Cryptocurrency Reforms to Safeguard Australian Investors

2. Licensing Requirements for Platform Operators

The government also proposes that platform operators obtain an Australian financial services licence. This step ensures that operators adhere to regulatory standards and provides greater protection for users. By imposing licensing requirements, the government seeks to reduce the risk of platform collapses, which have previously left Australians without access to their assets.

3. Reviewing Minimum Standards for Digital Assets

The reforms extend beyond platforms to address digital assets themselves. Minimum standards for tokens and other digital currencies are currently under review. As approximately a quarter of Australians own some form of crypto, ensuring robust standards is crucial.

Why These Reforms Matter

Collapses of digital asset platforms, both locally and globally, have highlighted the need for stronger regulations. Australians have faced asset losses or lengthy waits as creditors during such collapses. By raising operational standards and increasing oversight, the government aims to protect consumers while fostering innovation.

Chalmers emphasized that these reforms strike a balance between safeguarding investors and allowing crypto-related innovation to flourish. Feedback on the proposal paper is open until December 1, with draft legislation consultations continuing into next year.

Australia’s crypto landscape is evolving rapidly, and these reforms signal a commitment to responsible growth in the digital asset sector.


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