Parents named a baby born in the middle of the sky with a strange name

Sky Baby

A baby girl has been born to a pregnant woman who was on a flight from the US state of Colorado to Florida.

Sometimes we have seen pregnant women experiencing labor pains at unexpected times and giving birth. A woman who was flying in mid-air in the United States had labor pains and gave birth to a baby.

Sky Baby

Diana Giraldo, a pregnant woman, is on a Frontier Airlines flight from the US state of Corolla to Florida. While boarding the plane, she had an unexpected labor pain. This was followed by a panic attack on the plane. The matter was shared with flight captain Chris Nye. Undaunted, Chris decided to see the delivery with the help of the flight attendants and fellow passengers there. Captain Chris took full control of the plane’s flight and ordered a medical team to be on standby at the landing airport.

In this case, the delivery was successfully performed with the help of flight attendants and fellow passengers, and the pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl. Captain Chris said Mother Diana had been very supportive during the delivery. Chris praised his self-confidence and composure as the best and most commendable.

Born in the middle of the sky, his parents plan to name the baby Sky. Frontier Airlines has posted this interesting event on Facebook. This post has received over 2,600 likes and over 350 shares.

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