Balmain Introduces Virtual Fit Solution Powered by Gaming Tech and AI

The French luxury fashion house Balmain has launched a new virtual fit solution that allows customers to try on clothes online using gaming technology and artificial intelligence. The innovative feature is part of the brand’s digital transformation strategy and aims to enhance the online shopping experience and customer engagement.

The virtual fit solution, developed in collaboration with the tech company Bigthinx, uses a combination of computer vision, deep learning and 3D rendering to create realistic avatars of customers based on their photos and measurements. Customers can then use the avatars to virtually try on different outfits from Balmain’s collections and see how they look from different angles and in different lighting conditions. The solution also provides feedback on the fit, size and style of the garments, as well as suggestions for complementary items and accessories.

Balmain Introduces Virtual Fit Solution Powered by Gaming Tech and AI
Balmain Introduces Virtual Fit Solution Powered by Gaming Tech and AI

The virtual fit solution is available on Balmain’s website and mobile app, as well as on selected e-commerce platforms such as Farfetch and Mytheresa. Customers can also access the feature through QR codes displayed in Balmain’s physical stores and on social media.

Why is it innovative?

The virtual fit solution is one of the first of its kind in the luxury fashion industry, as it leverages the latest advances in gaming technology and artificial intelligence to create a realistic and immersive online fitting room. Unlike other virtual try-on solutions that use 2D images or pre-made models, Balmain’s solution creates customized 3D avatars that match the customers’ body shape, skin tone, hair color and facial features. The solution also uses high-resolution textures and realistic lighting effects to render the clothes and the avatars with accuracy and detail.

The virtual fit solution is not only a tool for online shopping, but also a way for Balmain to connect with its customers and showcase its creative vision. The solution allows customers to explore Balmain’s collections and discover new styles and trends, as well as to share their virtual looks with their friends and social networks. The solution also enables Balmain to collect data and insights on customer preferences and behavior, which can help the brand to improve its products and services.

What are the benefits?

The virtual fit solution offers several benefits for both Balmain and its customers. For Balmain, the solution can help to increase online sales and conversions, as well as to reduce returns and exchanges, by providing customers with a more accurate and satisfying online shopping experience. The solution can also help to enhance Balmain’s brand image and reputation, as well as to attract and retain new and loyal customers, by offering them a unique and innovative feature that differentiates the brand from its competitors.

For customers, the solution can help to save time and money, as well as to reduce the environmental impact, by eliminating the need to order multiple sizes or visit physical stores to try on clothes. The solution can also help to boost customer confidence and satisfaction, by allowing them to see how the clothes fit and flatter their body, as well as to express their personality and style. The solution can also help to create a sense of community and fun, by enabling customers to interact with Balmain and other customers through the virtual fitting room.

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