Biden condemns Hamas attacks on Israel and confirms US hostages

President Joe Biden delivered a strong speech on Tuesday, condemning the Hamas attacks on Israel that killed hundreds of people and left the region in chaos. He also confirmed that at least 11 US citizens were among the hostages taken by the militant group in Gaza.

Biden expresses solidarity with Israel and vows to bring hostages home

Biden said he spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and expressed his solidarity with Israel’s right to defend itself from the “outrageous” attacks by Hamas. He said the US was working closely with Israel and other allies to end the violence and restore calm.

Biden condemns Hamas attacks on Israel and confirms US hostages
Biden condemns Hamas attacks on Israel and confirms US hostages

He also said he was deeply concerned about the fate of the American hostages, who were reportedly abducted by Hamas during the attack on Tel Aviv. He said the US was doing everything in its power to locate and rescue them, and to hold Hamas accountable for its actions.

“We will not rest until we bring our fellow Americans home safely,” Biden said. “We will not tolerate any harm to them. We will use every tool at our disposal to secure their release and to bring their captors to justice.”

Biden calls for a diplomatic solution and urges Iran to stop supporting Hamas

Biden said he was committed to a diplomatic solution that would ensure the security and dignity of both Israelis and Palestinians. He said he supported a two-state solution that would allow both sides to live in peace and prosperity.

He also called on Iran to stop supporting Hamas and other terrorist groups that threaten Israel and destabilize the region. He said Iran’s involvement in the conflict was unacceptable and counterproductive.

“Iran must cease its destabilizing activities and its support for violence and terror,” Biden said. “Iran must abide by its international obligations and its commitments under the nuclear deal. Iran must play a constructive role in advancing peace and stability in the Middle East, not fomenting war and chaos.”

Biden thanks allies for their support and pledges humanitarian aid

Biden thanked the international community for its support and solidarity with Israel and the US in this crisis. He said he appreciated the efforts of Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, France, Germany, and other countries to mediate and de-escalate the situation.

He also pledged to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza, who have suffered greatly from the conflict. He said the US would work with the UN and other partners to deliver food, water, medicine, and other essential supplies to the civilians in need.

“We stand with the people of Gaza, who deserve to live in dignity and security,” Biden said. “We will do our part to alleviate their suffering and to support their aspirations for a better future.”

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