Brookdale Alumna and Professor Showcases Sustainable Fashion at Newark Fashion Week

Sheridan O’Hea, a fashion adjunct professor and alumna of Brookdale Community College, dazzled the audience at Newark Fashion Week with her innovative and eco-friendly collection of eleven designs. Her collection, titled “Princess Casual”, combined royal aesthetics with everyday comfort, using recycled fabrics and materials.

From Curtain to Couture: How O’Hea Turned Trash into Treasure

O’Hea’s collection was inspired by her personal style, which she described as “a T-shirt and jeans kind of girl”. She wanted to create outfits that were comfortable, versatile, and functional, but also had a touch of glamour and elegance. To achieve this, she used unconventional materials such as household and upholstery fabrics, which she sourced from thrift stores and donations. She also incorporated denim, lace, and sequins to add some texture and sparkle.

Brookdale Alumna and Professor Showcases Sustainable Fashion at Newark Fashion Week
Brookdale Alumna and Professor Showcases Sustainable Fashion at Newark Fashion Week

One of her most striking creations was a dress made entirely from an old curtain. The dress featured a reversible bodice, a removable train, and pockets. O’Hea said that she was challenged by the limited amount of fabric and had to figure out how to make the most of it. She also said that she wanted to show that “you can make something beautiful out of something that would otherwise be thrown away”.

A Rising Star in the Fashion Industry: O’Hea’s Journey and Achievements

O’Hea graduated from Brookdale Community College in 2019 with an associate degree in fashion merchandising. She then transferred to Montclair State University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in fashion studies in 2021. She returned to Brookdale as an adjunct professor in 2022, teaching courses on textile science, fashion history, and fashion illustration.

O’Hea has always been passionate about fashion and design. She started sewing when she was eight years old and made her own clothes throughout high school. She participated in several fashion shows and competitions, winning awards and recognition for her work. She also launched her own brand, Sheridan Nicole Designs, which offers custom-made clothing and accessories.

Newark Fashion Week was not O’Hea’s first appearance on a major runway. In 2020, she showcased her collection at New York Fashion Week, where she received positive feedback from the industry experts and media. She said that it was a dream come true for her and that she was grateful for the opportunity.

A Role Model for Aspiring Fashion Designers: O’Hea’s Advice and Vision

O’Hea said that she hopes to inspire other young and aspiring fashion designers to pursue their dreams and express their creativity. She also said that she wants to promote sustainability and ethical practices in the fashion industry, which is known for its environmental and social impacts.

She advised students and budding designers to sketch their ideas before making them into reality. She said that sketching helps to visualize the concept, plan the details, and make adjustments. She also encouraged them to experiment with different fabrics, colors, patterns, and techniques.

O’Hea said that her goal is to continue growing as a designer and a teacher. She said that she loves sharing her knowledge and experience with her students at Brookdale. She also said that she plans to expand her brand and create more collections that reflect her style and vision.

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