Canada’s Para Nordic Team Triumphs with Four Medals on World Cup Finals Day

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Canada’s Para nordic team concluded the World Cup finals in Prince George, B.C., with a sensational haul of four medals. Collin Cameron, hailing from Bracebridge, Ont., led the charge by securing a silver medal in the men’s sitting 20-kilometre mass start classic. His performance, clocking in at one hour two minutes 12.7 seconds, was a testament to his resilience, especially after overcoming a sinus infection that had sidelined him for most of the season.

A Day of Silver and Bronze

Cameron’s journey to the podium was a narrative of perseverance. After being out of competition due to health issues, he returned to win gold in the sprint event, setting the stage for his silver finish. His teammate, Derek Zaplotinsky of Smoky Lake, Alta., was hot on his heels, clinching bronze with a time of 1:02:15.9, while Italian Giuseppe Romele took gold.

The women’s events saw Natalie Wilkie and Christina Picton add to the medal tally with bronze finishes in the standing and sitting categories, respectively. Wilkie, from Salmon Arm, B.C., and Picton, from Fonthill, Ont., both overcame challenging conditions to secure their spots on the podium.

Para Nordic
Para Nordic

The Road to the Podium

The path to success was not straightforward for the Canadian athletes. Cameron’s sinus infection and Picton’s own health struggles earlier in the season meant that their training and preparation were far from ideal. Yet, they managed to turn their adversities into a source of strength, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the Canadian team.

The final day’s success brought Canada’s total medal count to ten, including three gold, across the four days of competition. This impressive performance placed them third overall among the 16 competing countries, a remarkable achievement for the team.

Reflections on a Season of Triumph

The athletes’ reflections on their experiences reveal a blend of strategy and emotion. Cameron’s strategic move in the last lap and Picton’s focus on maintaining her line in the deteriorating conditions were pivotal to their success. Their medals are not just symbols of victory but also of the hard work and dedication that define Canada’s Para nordic team.

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