Can’t Add Reel Back? 3 Easy Ways to Reel on Instagram Grid!


Having trouble adding your reels to the gallery on your Instagram profile? You’re not alone. Many users are frustrated with the missing “Add to Profile Grid” option for their reels. But fear not, we have a solution for you.

The reels tab has become immensely popular, allowing users to showcase their creativity and engage with their followers. However, the absence of a straightforward way to add these captivating videos to the main profile gallery has left many scratching their heads.

Restoring video reels on your Instagram profile grid shouldn’t be a hassle. We understand the importance of seamlessly integrating your best content, including preview images, into one place. That’s why we’re here to help you navigate this issue and get those eye-catching reels back where they belong on your feed.

Stay tuned as we dive into the steps and tips that will allow you to effortlessly add your video reels back onto your Instagram profile grid in no time! Get a preview of the images and watch the advertisement.

can't add reel back to profile grid
can’t add reel back to profile grid

How to Put Reels Back on Instagram Profile Grid (3 Ways)

Explore three effective methods for adding reels back to your profile grid:

  1. Update your Instagram app: Make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app installed on your device. Sometimes, the “Add to Profile Grid” option may be missing due to outdated software. By updating the app, you can regain access to this feature.

  2. Check your account settings: Navigate to your account settings and ensure that the “Reels” option is enabled. If it is disabled, you won’t be able to add reels to your profile grid. Simply toggle the switch to turn it on and bring back the functionality.

  3. Reinstall the Instagram app: If updating the app and adjusting settings doesn’t solve the issue, try reinstalling Instagram on your device. This can help resolve any technical glitches or bugs that might be causing the problem.

Step-by-step guide to restoring reels on your Instagram profile grid:

  1. Open the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) on your mobile device to preview and download the Instagram Reels app.

  2. Search for “Instagram” and tap on the official Instagram app. Once you’re in the app, locate the profile icon, which is usually represented by a small image. The profile icon is typically displayed at a size of 728px. Follow the step-by-step instructions to navigate through the app.

  3. Tap “Uninstall” or “Delete” step to remove the current version of Instagram from your device.

  4. Once uninstalled, go back to either the App Store or Google Play Store and reinstall Instagram. Make sure to put back all the images you had before.

  5. Launch Instagram and log in with your credentials.

  6. Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right corner of the screen to go to your profile page.

  7. Tap on the “+” icon in the center of the bottom menu bar to add step-by-step instructions with 728px images and accompanying text.

  8. Select images from your camera roll or create a new one using Instagram’s built-in tools.

  9. After editing or selecting a reel, tap “Next.”

  10. On this step, you should see an option called “Add to Profile Grid.” Ensure it is toggled on to include the 728px by 460px images.

  11. Tap “Share” to add the reel back to your profile grid. Step images should be 728px by 460px.

Learn different techniques to bring back the “Add to Profile Grid” option:

  • Clear Instagram cache: Clearing the cache can help resolve temporary issues that may be preventing the “Add to Profile Grid” option from appearing. Go to your device’s settings, find the Instagram app, and clear its cache to ensure optimal performance of images on your 728px by 460px step.

  • If none of the above step methods work, reach out to Instagram support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional solutions or insights into why you can’t add reels back to your profile grid. Contact Instagram support if you encounter any issues with the images, 728px size, or license.

By following these steps and exploring various techniques, you can successfully restore images on your Instagram profile grid. Make sure to resize them to the recommended dimensions of 728px by 460px and ensure that you have the appropriate license for the content.

Troubleshooting: ‘Add to Profile Grid’ Option Missing

If you can’t put images back to your profile grid, there are a few step reasons why the “Add to Profile Grid” option might not be visible. Let’s explore some common causes and potential issues behind this missing feature, such as the license.

  • Understand why the “Add to Profile Grid” option is not visible: The first step in troubleshooting is understanding why the option is missing. This will help us identify the appropriate solution.

  • Common reasons behind the missing option for adding reels: There could be several factors contributing to the absence of the “Add to Profile Grid” option. It’s essential to pinpoint these reasons accurately.

  • Identify potential issues causing the absence of this feature: By identifying potential issues, we can narrow down our troubleshooting efforts and find a suitable resolution.

Here are a few things you can check:

  • Make sure to update your Instagram app to the latest version in order to put step images.

  • Verify if your account is set as public, as private accounts do not have access to certain features like adding images, reels, and step to the profile grid.

  • Check if you have enabled the “Save Original Photos” option in your settings. If disabled, it may prevent images from being added back to your profile grid. Make sure to put this step in place to ensure your reels are properly saved.

Remember that troubleshooting steps for images may vary depending on your device and Instagram app version. If these suggestions don’t resolve the issue with putting images, consider reaching out for further assistance from Instagram support or online communities.

By following these steps and considering possible causes, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve any issues preventing you from adding images and reels back to your profile grid.

Workaround: Adding Reels to Profile Grid on iOS

Discover a workaround specifically for iOS users who can’t put images of reels back to their profile grid. Follow these step-by-step instructions to regain control over your profile grid and add images on your iPhone.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone.

  2. To create a new post, follow these steps: tap on the “+” icon, located at the bottom center of the screen.

  3. Select the “Reels” option from the menu that appears.

  4. Record or upload the images reel you want to put on your profile grid in just a few simple steps.

  5. Once you have finished editing your reel, take the next step and tap on the arrow button in the bottom right corner. This will put your reel into motion and allow you to share it with others. Don’t forget to include captivating images to make your reel even more engaging.

  6. On the next screen, tap on “Next” to proceed.

  7. Here comes the step-by-step trick: Instead of tapping on “Share” right away, swipe left across all available sharing options until you reach the option to “Save as Draft.” This method allows you to put the post on hold and add any necessary images before finalizing the share.

  8. Tap on the “Save as Draft” step and put a halt to creating a new post without actually sharing it. Exit out of this process without sharing any images.

  9. Now, go back to your Instagram profile by tapping on your profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen. Put images step-by-step.

  10. Scroll down until you find the images in your reels section and tap on it to put the step into action.

  11. You should see images of your saved draft reel in the top step of this section. Put them there.

  12. Tap on it and select “Edit Reel.”

  13. Finally, tap on “Share” to put the images visible again in your profile grid, step by step.

By following these steps, you can work around the issue of not being able to directly put reels back to your profile grid on iOS devices like an iPhone.

Remember, with this step-by-step method, iOS users can put those reels back onto their profile grid with ease! This method is specifically designed for iOS users facing this problem.

Alternative Method: Reposting Reels Without Reposting

  • Learn a clever workaround step to repost your favorite reels without cluttering your profile. Put this method into practice and easily share your preferred reels with your followers.

  • Showcase your preferred reel videos without creating duplicate posts.

  • Follow these steps to put and share reels again without reposting them as new posts.

Reposting reels can sometimes lead to a cluttered profile, especially if you want to showcase a particular reel multiple times. Thankfully, there’s a step-by-step trick that allows you to put your favorite reels without adding them back to your profile grid as new posts. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Start by opening the Instagram app on your device and navigating to the step where you put the reel you wish to repost.

  2. Instead of tapping on the “Add Reel” button, which would create a new post, follow this step and tap on the three dots (…) located at the bottom right corner of the screen to put up a new post.

  3. From the first step, select “Share” and then put “Remove from Profile Grid.”

  4. This step will put the reel video on your profile grid, allowing you to share it with others.

  5. Next, put the next step by tapping on “Preview” to see how the post will look before sharing it.

  6. Make any necessary adjustments or edits and then tap on the “Post” step when you’re ready to put it up.

By following these steps, you can effectively put repost reels without cluttering up your profile grid with duplicate versions of the same content. This alternative method offers an efficient way for users who frequently put share reels or use them for advertisement purposes.

So go ahead and put this handy step-by-step workaround a try! Share those captivating reel videos with ease while keeping your profile clean and organized.

Android Solution: Adding Reels Back to Profile Grid

If you’re an Android user facing difficulties with putting your profile grid on Instagram, fret not! We have a dedicated solution tailored specifically for you. With our step-by-step guide, you can seamlessly put reels back to your profile grid and regain control over showcasing your favorite content.

To ensure a smooth experience for Android users, put these simple steps into practice.

  1. To update your Instagram app, follow these steps: 1. Open the Google Play Store. 2. Search for “Instagram” in the search bar. 3. Select the Instagram app from the search results. 4. Click on the “Update” button to put the latest version of Instagram on your device.

  2. Open the app and navigate to your profile page.

  3. To access the menu, follow these steps: tap on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner and put your finger on them.

  4. Scroll down and select “Settings.”

  5. Within the settings menu, tap on “Account” followed by the step “Switch to Professional Account.” Put

  6. Choose a step category that best represents your account or put select “Creator” if applicable.

  7. Once you’ve switched to a professional account, take the next step and put your focus back on your profile page.

  8. To put the first step, tap on the “+” button located at the center of your profile grid.

  9. Select “Reel” from the options presented.

  10. Choose an existing reel that you want to add back to your profile grid by following this step.

  11. After selecting the desired reel, tap on “Next.”

  12. On the next step, you can put your customized reel cover photo by selecting a frame from within the video or uploading a new image.

  13. Once satisfied with your cover photo, tap on “Share.”

By following these steps, you’ll be able to put reels back seamlessly onto your profile grid as an Android user.

Don’t let any technical hiccups hold you back from showcasing what matters most to you! Take control of your Instagram experience and start putting those captivating reels once again. Follow the step to put your best foot forward on Instagram.

Remember: You got this!


To regain control of your Instagram profile grid and add reels, follow these steps. First, adjust your settings or use third-party apps to put reels back on your grid. If you’re missing the ‘Add to Profile Grid’ option, try troubleshooting tips. iOS and Android users have specific workarounds to include reels on their grids. Implement these strategies to enhance your storytelling and engage with your audience. Start today and make sure your Instagram truly represents you!


Can I add captions or edit settings for a reel once it's added back onto my profile grid?

Once a reel is added back onto your profile grid, you cannot put or modify its caption or settings separately from the original post. Any step made will apply universally across both the individual reel post and its appearance on your profile grid.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when it comes to adding reels back onto my Instagram profile grid?

Currently, there are no specific limitations or restrictions imposed by Instagram regarding putting reels back onto your profile grid. However, it's always recommended to adhere to Instagram's community guidelines and terms of service when sharing content on the platform. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth process.

Will adding reels back onto my profile grid affect the overall aesthetic of my Instagram feed?

Before making a decision, consider how adding reels step back onto your profile grid will put impact the visual cohesion of your overall Instagram feed. Ensure alignment with the aesthetic and theme you have established for your account.

Do all reels need to be added to my profile grid?

No, adding reels to your profile grid is optional. You have the flexibility to choose which step reels you want to put showcase on your profile grid and which ones you prefer not to include.

Can I add a reel to my profile grid after posting it?

Yes, you can put a reel step to your profile grid even after it has been posted. Simply navigate to the reel post and tap on the three-dot menu icon. From there, select "Add to Profile Grid" to include it in your grid.


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