DÉKUPLE Reports Strong Growth in Data Marketing for First Half of 2023

The cross-channel data marketing expert DÉKUPLE has announced its net sales and gross margin for the first half of 2023, showing a significant increase in its digital marketing business.

Digital Marketing Solutions Drive Growth

DÉKUPLE’s net sales for the first half of 2023 reached €95.8m, up +7.5% from the same period in 2022. The gross margin also increased by +9.3%, reaching €78.6m. These results were mainly driven by the continued expansion of its digital marketing solutions, which accounted for nearly 58% of its consolidated half-year net sales and recorded a gross margin that was +35.9% higher than the previous year.

DÉKUPLE Reports Strong Growth in Data Marketing for First Half of 2023
DÉKUPLE Reports Strong Growth in Data Marketing for First Half of 2023

The digital marketing business includes two main activities: Data and Digital Consulting, and Marketing Solutions and Agencies. The former recorded a strong organic growth of +16.2%, while the latter benefited from the integration of new areas of expertise acquired in 2022 through the acquisitions of Brainsonic, a leading engagement marketing agency, and Smart Traffik, a technological company specialized in presence management and measuring the impact of marketing investments on traffic and sales for the retail sector.

Data and Digital Consulting Boost Innovation

DÉKUPLE’s Data and Digital Consulting activity provides data-driven solutions to help brands optimize their performance across all channels. This activity has further strengthened its capacity for innovation with the integration of strategic assets from Synomia, a French Semantic AI pioneer, since April 2023.

Synomia’s technology enables DÉKUPLE to offer its clients a unique semantic analysis platform that can process large volumes of textual data from various sources (web, social media, customer feedback, etc.) and extract actionable insights to improve their marketing strategies.

Magazine and Insurance Businesses Show Resilience

DÉKUPLE’s other two businesses are Magazine and Insurance. The Magazine business consists of publishing magazines and providing subscription management services for various press titles. The Insurance business offers insurance products and services to individuals and professionals.

Despite a difficult environment for the press sector, DÉKUPLE’s Magazine business maintained its net sales at €36.2m, down -8.7% from the previous year. The gross margin also decreased by -8.7%, reaching €36.2m. However, DÉKUPLE continued to invest in its subscription portfolio and diversified its services to drive a return to growth.

The Insurance business recorded a slight increase in its net sales, reaching €4.2m, up +1.0% from the previous year. The gross margin also increased by +1.0%, reaching €4.2m. This performance was achieved despite a high basis for comparison in 2022, which benefited from the successful development of its supplementary health offering.

Outlook for 2023

DÉKUPLE’s Chairman and CEO Bertrand Laurioz expressed his confidence in the Group’s ability to achieve a new year of profitable growth in 2023. He said: “We are continuing to move forward with our transformation and innovation roadmap with a view to becoming a European leader for data marketing through organic and external growth. With our solid fundamentals and the outstanding skills of our team of over 1,000 staff supporting our clients and partners, we are confident that we will be able to achieve a new year of profitable growth in 2023”.

DÉKUPLE is listed on Euronext Paris (Compartment C) and is part of the CAC Small Index.

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