From Model to Priest: The Inspiring Story of Edoardo Santini

Edoardo Santini, a 21-year-old Florentine man who was voted Italy’s most handsome man in 2019, has decided to leave behind his glamorous career as a model and actor to pursue his calling to become a priest.

Santini had always dreamed of becoming a star since he was a child. He studied dramatic arts and dance, and participated in various competitions and shows. He was also a champion swimmer, and won several medals in national and international events.

In 2019, when he was only 17 years old, he entered the pageant organized by fashion group ABE, and was crowned as Italy’s most beautiful man. He received a lot of attention and praise from the media and the public, and was offered many opportunities to work in the showbiz and fashion industry.

From Model to Priest: The Inspiring Story of Edoardo Santini
From Model to Priest: The Inspiring Story of Edoardo Santini

A Change of Heart

However, Santini felt that something was missing in his life. He said that he had always been a religious person, and that he felt a strong connection with God. He started to question his life choices, and wondered if he was truly happy and fulfilled.

He said that he felt a “vocation” to become a priest, and that he wanted to dedicate his life to serving God and the people. He said that he was inspired by the example of Pope Francis, who he admired for his humility and compassion.

He decided to enter a seminary near Florence, where he is currently studying theology and philosophy. He said that he has given up his modeling work, acting and dance, but that he has not abandoned his passions. He said that he will live them differently, by offering them up to God.

A Message of Hope

Santini shared his story on social media, where he received a lot of support and encouragement from his fans and followers. He said that he wanted to spread a message of hope and faith, especially to the young people who are facing difficulties and challenges in their lives.

He said that he is not afraid of the future, and that he trusts in God’s plan for him. He said that he is happy and peaceful, and that he hopes to become a good priest, God willing.

He also said that he is grateful for his family and friends, who have supported him in his decision. He said that he still loves them, and that he will always pray for them.

A Rare Choice

Santini’s choice to become a priest is a rare one, especially in Italy, where the number of priests and seminarians has been declining for years. According to the latest statistics from the Vatican, there were 37,223 priests and 5,131 seminarians in Italy in 2020, compared to 40,580 priests and 6,704 seminarians in 2010.

The reasons for this decline are complex and varied, but some of the factors include the secularization of society, the sexual abuse scandals, the lack of vocations, and the aging of the clergy.

However, Santini’s story shows that there are still young people who are willing to follow their calling, and to dedicate their lives to God and the Church. His story also shows that beauty is not only skin-deep, but that it comes from the heart and the soul.

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