Family Adopts Stray Dog Who Visited Them Every Day For Months


A family in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, has adopted a stray dog who visited them every day for months, until they finally decided to give him a permanent home. The dog, named Lucky, was a regular visitor at the house of Rajesh and Priya, who live in a gated community with their two children. Lucky would come to their doorstep every morning and evening, wagging his tail and looking for some food and affection. The family would feed him biscuits and pet him, but they were reluctant to adopt him as they already had a pet dog, Rocky.

A bond of friendship

However, Lucky was not deterred by their hesitation. He continued to show up at their house, sometimes bringing along other stray dogs to share his food. He also befriended Rocky, and the two dogs would play together in the garden. Rajesh and Priya noticed that Lucky was very gentle and friendly, not only with their dog, but also with their children and neighbours. He would guard their house when they were away, and greet them warmly when they returned. He also seemed to have a knack for sensing their moods and comforting them when they were sad or stressed.

Family Adopts Stray Dog Who Visited Them Every Day For Months
Family Adopts Stray Dog Who Visited Them Every Day For Months

A happy ending

Gradually, the family grew fond of Lucky and started to consider adopting him. They took him to a vet for a check-up and vaccination, and found out that he was about two years old and healthy. They also got him neutered and microchipped. They decided to give him a trial period of living with them, to see how he would adjust to their lifestyle. To their delight, Lucky adapted well to his new environment. He got along with Rocky, obeyed their commands, and behaved well inside the house. He also showed his gratitude and loyalty to his new family by being more affectionate and protective of them.

After a few weeks of trial, Rajesh and Priya decided to officially adopt Lucky and make him a part of their family. They said that they felt lucky to have him in their lives, as he brought them joy and happiness every day. They also said that they hoped that their story would inspire others to adopt stray dogs who need loving homes.


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