Fyffes to launch new consumer brand for bananas in Europe

Fyffes, a leading fresh produce group, has announced that it will replace its Fyffes label for its premium bananas sold in mainland Europe with a new consumer brand, Trudi’s. The company said that the new brand will offer a more sustainable and transparent choice for consumers and retailers, as well as support the social development of its banana farmers in Costa Rica.

Trudi’s: A purpose-driven brand for premium bananas

Trudi’s is a new consumer brand that Fyffes launched in October 2023, with the aim of marketing its premium bananas as healthy, natural, and ethical products. The brand is named after Trudi, a female farmer who works at one of Fyffes’ farms in Costa Rica. The brand’s logo features a stylized banana peel that resembles a smile.

Fyffes said that Trudi’s is a purpose-driven brand that reflects its commitment to social sustainability and transparency in its banana supply chain. The brand will provide consumers with information about the origin, quality, and impact of its bananas, using blockchain technology and QR codes. Consumers will also be able to “tip the farmer” by making a direct donation to support specific projects that improve the livelihoods and well-being of the banana farmers and their communities.


Fyffes to phase out its namesake label in Europe

Fyffes said that it will gradually phase out its Fyffes label for its premium bananas sold in mainland Europe, and replace it with Trudi’s. The company said that this decision applies only to its premium segment, which accounts for about 15% of its total banana sales in Europe. The company will continue to sell its Fyffes branded bananas in the UK, Ireland, and North America, as well as other products such as pineapples, melons, and exotic fruits.

Fyffes said that it is currently in negotiations with select retailers across Europe to introduce Trudi’s to their stores. The company expects to start the trial of the new brand by the end of 2023, and complete the transition by the end of 2024. The company said that it hopes to increase its market share and customer loyalty with the new brand, as well as differentiate itself from its competitors.

Fyffes supports the CMA investigation into the banana industry

Fyffes also said that it supports the investigation by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) into the banana industry, which was launched in November 2023. The CMA said that it is looking into the possible anti-competitive practices and price-fixing by the major banana suppliers and retailers in the UK, which have resulted in high and stable prices for consumers.

Fyffes said that it is the only retailer that has publicly backed the CMA’s investigation, and that it welcomes more scrutiny and regulation in the banana industry. The company said that it believes that the investigation will benefit the consumers, the farmers, and the environment, by creating a more fair and sustainable market for bananas.

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