Google unveils new shopping features for the holiday season

Google is making it easier for shoppers to find the best deals and products online with a slew of new features and updates. The company announced these changes on its blog, highlighting how it wants to help consumers save time and money during the busy holiday season.

One of the new features that Google is rolling out is the ability to compare prices across different retailers with Google Shopping. Users can simply search for a product and see a list of online stores that sell it, along with the current prices and shipping options. This way, users can quickly find the best deal for their needs and budget.

Google unveils new shopping features for the holiday season
Google unveils new shopping features for the holiday season

Google Shopping also lets users filter products by features, ratings, reviews, and more. Users can also see personalized recommendations based on their browsing history and preferences. Additionally, users can track prices of products they are interested in and get notified when they drop.

Find local products and deals with Google Maps

Another way that Google is helping shoppers is by making it easier to find local products and deals with Google Maps. Users can now see nearby stores that have the products they are looking for in stock, as well as the current inventory and prices. Users can also see if the store offers curbside pickup, delivery, or in-store shopping.

Google Maps also shows users local deals and promotions from businesses in their area. Users can browse through different categories, such as clothing, electronics, home goods, and more, and see the discounts and offers available. Users can also save these deals to their Google account and access them later.

Shop with confidence with Google Guarantee

Finally, Google is giving shoppers more peace of mind with its Google Guarantee program. This program covers eligible purchases made through Google Shopping, Google Pay, or Google Assistant. If users are not satisfied with their purchase, they can request a refund from Google within 30 days of delivery.

Google Guarantee also protects users from unauthorized charges, identity theft, and fraud. Users can also contact Google’s customer support team 24/7 for any issues or questions regarding their purchases.

Google is making online shopping more convenient, efficient, and secure with its new features and updates. These features are designed to help shoppers find the best products and deals, support local businesses, and shop with confidence. Google hopes that these features will make the holiday season more enjoyable and stress-free for consumers.

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