Grupo Apex expands its snacks portfolio with Tot Snack acquisition

Grupo Apex, the Spain-based snacks producer, has acquired Tot Snack, a local peer that specializes in savoury snacks. The deal, which was announced on February 2, 2024, involves the purchase of 100% of the shares of Tot Snack, as well as its plant in Barcelona. The financial details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Tot Snack
Tot Snack

Grupo Apex continues its growth strategy with Tot Snack deal

The acquisition of Tot Snack is part of Grupo Apex’s growth strategy, which aims to double its figures every four years, leading the growth and value creation of the sector. The company said that it continues to expand its infrastructure and presence in the region, by adding an eleventh plant to its network.

The acquisition of Tot Snack also allows Grupo Apex to diversify its product portfolio, by incorporating brands such as Bestial, Brutal and Mortal, which offer traditional chips, snacks and dried fruits of the highest quality. The company said that these brands have a strong presence in Catalunya, Andorra and the south of France, and that they will complement its existing brands, such as Aspitos, Jumpers and Popitas.

Grupo Apex said that it will leverage its scale and technology to enhance the innovation and competitiveness of Tot Snack’s products, and to offer more choice and variety to the consumers. The company also said that it will maintain the identity and values of Tot Snack, and that it will respect its employees and suppliers.

Tot Snack joins Grupo Apex’s portfolio of snacks brands

Tot Snack, founded in 1997, is a manufacturer and distributor of savoury snacks, with a focus on the traditional and artisanal segment. The company has a plant in Barcelona, where it produces and packages its products. The company sells its products through all sales channels, including on-trade, traditional food and large-scale distribution.

Tot Snack’s main brands are Bestial, Brutal and Mortal, which offer different flavours and formats of chips, snacks and dried fruits. The company said that its products are made with natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial colours, and that they have a high nutritional value and a long shelf life.

Tot Snack said that it achieved sales of more than €4m ($4.3m) in 2023, and that it has a loyal and satisfied customer base. The company said that it is proud to join Grupo Apex, and that it expects to benefit from its experience and resources, as well as to contribute to its growth and development.

Grupo Apex consolidates its position as a leading snacks player in Spain and beyond

Grupo Apex, headquartered in Ribaforada, Navarra, is one of the leading snacks players in Spain and Europe, with a turnover of more than €150m ($163m) per year. The company has more than 600 employees, and operates 11 plants in different regions of Spain. The company exports its products to more than 20 countries, through all commercial channels.

Grupo Apex’s portfolio includes brands such as Aspitos, Jumpers and Popitas, which cover various categories of snacks, such as potato chips, corn snacks, popcorn, pretzels, and pork rinds. The company also offers private-label products and co-manufacturing services to other food companies.

Grupo Apex has been pursuing an active acquisition strategy in recent years, to expand its market share and product range. In November 2023, the company acquired Pop Up, a popcorn brand, from Mexican bakery giant Grupo Bimbo. In August 2023, the company acquired Viube Foods, a vegetable crisps business, from local entrepreneurs.

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