Household cylinder price Rs. 50 Rise: Commoners shocked

LPG Price Hike Update: It has been announced that the price of cooking gas cylinder used in households has been increased by Rs 50. It has caused shock among housewives.

The price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas cylinders in India is determined according to the prevailing crude oil prices in the international market. According to this, while the prices of petrol and diesel have remained unchanged in India for more than 40 days, the prices of cooking gas cylinders have been increasing for the past few months.

Household cylinder price Rs. 50 Rise

The cylinder price which was Rs 965 was increased by Rs 50 on May 7 and was being sold at Rs 1015. Subsequently, on May 19, it was increased by Rs 3.50 and was sold at Rs 1018.50. The middle class people are suffering due to the continuous rise in prices

In this case, it has been announced that the price of cooking gas cylinder used for homes has been increased by Rs 50 to shock them even more. Accordingly, the cylinder price in Delhi has increased to ₹1053 today. In Mumbai, the cylinder price has gone up to Rs 1,052.50 from Rs 1,002.50.

Meanwhile, the price of a 14 kg cylinder in Kolkata has increased from Rs 1,029 to Rs 1,079. In Chennai, the price of household cylinder which was sold at Rs 1,058.50 has now increased to Rs 1068.50. OMCs have also increased the price of a 5 kg domestic cylinder by Rs 18. At the same time, the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder has decreased by Rs 8.50.

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