How to Unmute Someone on Instagram: A Guide


Instagram, the vibrant social media platform, is a bustling space for sharing life’s moments through pictures and stories. As an experienced user, you might sometimes find the need to mute certain accounts to maintain a clean and personalized feed. Why should you care about this guide? It’s simple – we all have been there, wanting to unmute someone but not knowing how. This guide is your solution, providing clear instructions to help you regain control over your Instagram experience.

How can you unmute someone on Instagram? To unmute an account, navigate to that person’s profile, tap on the “Following” button, select “Mute” from the dropdown menu, and toggle off the options for Posts and Stories. Expanding on this, you will find that the process is quite straightforward. By toggling off the mute options, their posts and stories will reappear in your feed, enabling you to stay connected with their updates. So, let’s get started and delve deeper into the details of muting and unmuting on Instagram. Keep reading!

What Does Muting Mean in Instagram?

Instagram, the popular social media platform, offers a feature called “Mute”. This option allows users to hide posts and stories from specific accounts without unfollowing them. The mute feature is a subtle way to customize your Instagram feed without hurting anyone’s feelings or creating unnecessary friction. It’s an excellent tool for personalizing your experience on the platform, allowing you to control what you see in your feed and story section.

When you mute an account, their posts and stories no longer appear in your feed or at the top of your stories bar, but they won’t be aware that you’ve muted them. It’s a discreet way to manage your Instagram content, ensuring that your feed only displays posts and stories from accounts that truly interest you. The muted account can still see your posts, send you direct messages, and interact with your content; they simply won’t show up in your feed or stories bar.

According to recent studies, around 70% of Instagram users have muted at least one account, indicating the popularity and widespread use of this feature. This statistic reflects how users are proactively curating their feeds to improve their overall Instagram experience.

The Impact of Muting Accounts on Your Instagram Experience

Muting accounts on Instagram has a direct impact on your overall experience with the platform. It essentially allows you to declutter your feed and stories section, prioritizing content that genuinely interests you. With muting, you can maintain your connections without being overwhelmed by content that doesn’t resonate with you.

how to unmute someone on instagram
how to unmute someone on instagram

The muting feature is particularly beneficial when you don’t want to unfollow an account but also don’t want to see their posts or stories regularly. This could be due to various reasons – perhaps the account posts too frequently, or their content isn’t relevant to your current interests. Muting such accounts helps you tailor your Instagram feed to your preferences without severing any connections.

While there are no specific statistics on how muting affects user experience on Instagram, it’s safe to say that this feature enhances user control over the content displayed in their feed and stories section. It provides a more personalized and enjoyable Instagram experience, making users feel more connected to the platform.

Identifying Muted Accounts on Instagram

In the vast landscape of Instagram, identifying which accounts you’ve muted can sometimes be a challenge. However, it’s crucial to know how to identify these accounts, especially if you need to unmute them later. Instagram does not provide an explicit list of muted accounts, but there are ways to figure out who you’ve muted.

One way to identify muted accounts is by visiting individual profiles. If you’ve muted someone, going to their profile and tapping on the “Following” button will show if their posts or stories have been muted. This method, though time-consuming, is effective if you only have a small number of people you follow.

Another approach involves going through your following list. If you notice that you haven’t seen posts or stories from certain accounts in your feed or stories bar, there’s a good chance that you’ve muted them. You can then go to their profile and check if you’ve indeed muted them. Remember that muted accounts can still interact with your posts, so don’t rely solely on interactions to determine who you’ve muted.

As of now, Instagram doesn’t provide a direct feature to view all muted accounts. Users must manually check each account they suspect of muting. Understanding this process is essential for maintaining your preferred Instagram feed and ensuring you’re not missing out on content from your favorite accounts.

Troubleshooting Issues When Unmuting on Instagram

While the process of unmuting accounts on Instagram is generally straightforward, you may occasionally encounter issues. These problems could be due to various reasons like app glitches, outdated app versions, or incorrect steps followed during the unmute process. Understanding these issues and how to troubleshoot them can help you effectively manage your Instagram interactions.

For instance, if you’re unable to unmute an account, first check if you’re following the correct steps. You should navigate to the account’s profile, tap on “Following”, then “Mute”, and toggle off the options for posts and stories. If you’re still experiencing issues, try updating your Instagram app or reinstalling it. It’s also a good idea to clear your device’s cache as accumulated data could sometimes cause app functionalities to malfunction.

Although Instagram does not provide specific statistics on issues users face while unmuting, the platform continually works on improving user experience by addressing common problems through regular app updates. Stay abreast of these updates and ensure your app is always updated to the latest version to enjoy uninterrupted Instagram browsing.


Navigating the ins and outs of Instagram can sometimes feel like a maze, but with the right know-how, it becomes a much smoother journey. Understanding the mute feature and its implications on your Instagram experience is a significant part of this journey. From decluttering your feed to managing your mental health better, muting and unmuting accounts gives you more control over your Instagram world.

In conclusion, personalizing your Instagram feed doesn’t have to mean severing connections. The mute feature allows you to tailor your feed to your preferences while maintaining your follows. With this guide at your fingertips, you are now equipped to manage your Instagram interactions more effectively. Happy Instagramming!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What does muting an account on Instagram mean?

A: Muting an account on Instagram means hiding their posts and stories from your feed without unfollowing them.

Q2: How can I identify which accounts I’ve muted on Instagram?

A: You can identify muted accounts by visiting individual profiles and checking the mute status under the “Following” button.

Q3: Can a muted account know that I’ve muted them?

A: No, Instagram does not notify users when they have been muted.

Q4: How can I unmute an account on Instagram?

A: To unmute an account, go to their profile, tap on the “Following” button, then “Mute”, and toggle off the options for posts and stories.

Q5: What should I do if I’m having trouble unmuting an account on Instagram?

A: If you’re having trouble unmuting an account, ensure you’re following the correct steps, update your app, reinstall it, or clear your device’s cache.

Q6: Does muting an account unfollow them?

A: No, muting an account does not unfollow them. It only hides their posts and stories from your feed.

Q7: Can I still see the posts of a muted account?

A: Yes, you can still see the posts of a muted account by visiting their profile directly.


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