Humane’s AI Pin: A wearable projector that could replace your phone

Humane, a tech startup founded by former Apple employees, is launching a new wearable device that could challenge the dominance of smartphones. The device, called the AI Pin, is a projector that clips onto your clothing and interacts with you through voice and gesture commands. It can project information onto your palm, scan your surroundings, and translate your speech using artificial intelligence.

The AI Pin is a small device that looks like a pin or a badge. It has a camera, a microphone, a speaker, and a projector. It connects to the internet via T-Mobile’s cellular network and uses AI models from Microsoft and OpenAI to perform various tasks. The device is controlled by voice and gesture commands, and it can project a screen onto your palm or any nearby surface. It can also scan objects and text, and provide information or assistance based on what it sees.

Humane’s AI Pin: A wearable projector that could replace your phone
Humane’s AI Pin: A wearable projector that could replace your phone

The AI Pin is designed to be a standalone device that does not require a smartphone or any other device to pair with it. It is meant to be a personal assistant that can help you throughout the day, without distracting you with notifications or screens. The device is also privacy-first, and has a “Trust Light” that indicates when it is recording audio or video.

What can the AI Pin do for you?

The AI Pin can perform a variety of functions, such as:

  • Making and receiving calls. The device can project a caller ID onto your palm when there is an incoming call, and you can answer or reject it with a gesture. You can also make calls by saying the name or number of the person you want to contact.
  • Translating your speech. The device can translate your voice from one language to another, using an AI-generated version of your voice to speak the translated words. For example, you can speak English and the device will translate it to French in your own voice.
  • Catching you up on important information. The device can give you a summary of your emails, messages, calendar events, and other relevant data, without interrupting you with notifications. You can also ask the device to give you more details on any topic you are interested in.
  • Identifying foods and their nutritional values. The device can scan the food you are eating and tell you its name, ingredients, calories, and other information. You can also ask the device to suggest healthier alternatives or recipes.
  • Creating and editing content. The device can help you write, rewrite, improve, or optimize your content, such as poems, stories, code, essays, songs, or celebrity parodies. You can also ask the device to generate graphical artwork based on your prompts.

How much does the AI Pin cost and when will it be available?

The AI Pin will cost $699, which is slightly less than the price of some flagship smartphones. However, the device will also require a $24 monthly subscription to access the cellular data, cloud storage, and unlimited queries of the voice assistant. The subscription will also include a phone number that you can use with the device.

The AI Pin will be unveiled tomorrow, November 10, 2023, at a launch event that will be streamed online. The exact time and link of the event are still unknown, but you can sign up for updates on Humane’s website. The device is expected to ship in early 2024, and will be available in limited quantities.

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