IBD Digital Prime Pricing Sale: How to Get an Investing Edge with Exclusive Stock Lists

Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) is offering a special deal for its digital subscribers: a prime pricing sale that allows access to its exclusive stock lists for just $30 for three months. This is a great opportunity for investors who want to boost their profits by following the expert analysis and advanced algorithms of IBD.

What are IBD’s exclusive stock lists?

IBD’s exclusive stock lists are curated collections of stocks that meet certain criteria based on IBD’s proprietary research and ratings. These lists help investors identify potential winners in the stock market, as well as avoid losers. Some of the most popular lists are:

  • IBD 50: A list of the top 50 growth stocks in the market, based on earnings, sales, margins, relative strength, and other factors.
  • Leaderboard: A list of the best stocks to buy and watch, with annotated charts and timely buy and sell signals.
  • SwingTrader: A list of stocks that are poised for short-term gains, with entry and exit points based on technical analysis.
  • Stock Spotlight: A list of stocks that are showing strong fundamentals and technicals, as well as increasing institutional demand.
  • Sector Leaders: A list of the best stocks in each of the 33 sectors tracked by IBD, based on composite, earnings, and relative strength ratings.

IBD Digital Prime Pricing Sale: How to Get an Investing Edge with Exclusive Stock Lists

How to access IBD’s exclusive stock lists?

To access IBD’s exclusive stock lists, investors need to subscribe to IBD Digital, the online platform that provides access to all of IBD’s premium content, tools, and features. IBD Digital normally costs $34.95 per month, but during the prime pricing sale, new subscribers can get it for just $30 for three months. This is a limited-time offer that expires on October 31, 2023.

To take advantage of this offer, investors can visit IBD Digital. After signing up, they can access the exclusive stock lists by clicking on the “Stock Lists” tab on the top menu bar. They can also access other features of IBD Digital, such as:

  • The Big Picture: A daily column that helps investors understand the current market trend and direction.
  • Stock Of The Day: A daily feature that highlights a stock that is showing strong fundamentals and technicals, as well as a potential entry point.
  • Investor’s Corner: A daily column that teaches investors how to apply IBD’s investing rules and methods.
  • IBD Live: A daily live stream that allows subscribers to watch and interact with IBD’s experts as they analyze the market and trade in real time.

Why subscribe to IBD Digital?

IBD Digital is a valuable resource for investors who want to learn how to make money in stocks. By subscribing to IBD Digital, investors can benefit from:

  • Expert guidance: IBD’s analysts and editors have decades of experience in the stock market and have developed a proven system for finding and trading winning stocks.
  • Actionable ideas: IBD’s exclusive stock lists provide investors with a constant source of high-quality stock picks that are suitable for different investing styles and goals.
  • Educational content: IBD’s articles, videos, podcasts, webinars, and online courses provide investors with comprehensive and easy-to-understand information on how to invest successfully in any market condition.
  • Innovative tools: IBD’s online platform offers investors a variety of tools that help them research, analyze, monitor, and optimize their stock portfolio.

IBD Digital is designed to help investors achieve their financial dreams by providing them with an investing edge. With the prime pricing sale, investors can get access to all of these benefits for a fraction of the regular price. This is a rare chance to join the community of successful investors who rely on IBD for their stock market success.

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