How a hobby turned into a successful business for an Idaho Falls woman and her partner

Christy Monroy, an Idaho Falls woman, has always enjoyed painting and restoring old furniture. She started doing it as a fun pastime with her daughter about 18 months ago, during a difficult time in her life. She found it to be therapeutic and satisfying.

She began by painting items she planned to keep, but soon she had more than she needed. She started selling them online and doing custom work for clients who wanted to give their furniture a new look.

How a hobby turned into a successful business for an Idaho Falls woman and her partner
How a hobby turned into a successful business for an Idaho Falls woman and her partner

She also got support from her husband, Victor, a disabled combat veteran who recently completed a degree in cybersecurity. He joined her in the garage and started making his own wood projects, such as laser-engraved cutting boards, spoons, decor, flags and other items.

A partnership with a seasoned shop owner

Monroy’s hobby turned into a business opportunity when she met Belinda Jones, a longtime home decor shop owner who had recently moved to Idaho Falls from Utah. Jones had been running her own store, Timeless Trends & Decor, for 15 years in Salt Lake City. She was looking for a new location and a new partner.

The two women hit it off and decided to join forces. They opened their new store at 1735 West Broadway near the Liquor Store and Albertson’s in Idaho Falls. The store offers secondhand antiques, home decor, furniture, clothing and accessories.

Monroy says she was inspired by Jones’ experience and expertise in the industry. She also learned a lot from her about running a store and dealing with customers.

A grand opening with positive feedback

The store had its soft opening on Tuesday, October 17, 2023. Its grand opening is scheduled for Saturday, October 21, 2023. Monroy says she has received a lot of positive feedback from the community about the opening of her business.

“A lot of people are really excited to have affordable prices for home decor. Not everything is new or handmade, so the prices aren’t really high. Having an affordable place to shop for the home on this side of town is very exciting for people,” Monroy says.

She says she is grateful for the opportunity to pursue her passion and share it with others. She hopes to provide quality products and services that will make people happy and comfortable in their homes.

She also hopes to empower other women who may have similar dreams or hobbies.

“As women, we put ourselves on the backburner. It’s so easy for us to take care of our kids, our families, neighbors and friends … but sometimes we live so much for other people that we put ourselves last,” Monroy says. “I want to encourage other women to follow their passions and do what makes them happy.”

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