Infinite Roots and Pulmuone join forces to create plant-based protein products for South Korea

Infinite Roots, a German food-tech company that produces plant-based meat alternatives from mycelium, has announced a strategic partnership with Pulmuone, a leading food manufacturer from South Korea. The two companies aim to develop and market innovative protein products for the South Korean market, catering to the local consumers’ preferences and needs.

Infinite Roots: A pioneer in mycelium-based food technology

Infinite Roots, formerly known as Mushlabs, is a Hamburg-based company that has developed a patented method to use mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, to create plant-based meat alternatives. The company claims that its technology can produce various textures, flavors, and shapes of meat substitutes, using less resources and energy than conventional methods.

Infinite Roots was founded in 2019 by Dr. Mazen Rizk, Dr. Thibault Godard, Cathy Hutz, and Philipp Tigges, who have backgrounds in biotechnology, food science, and business. The company has raised $58 million in a Series B funding round in January 2024, which was led by the holding company of Haribo, the German confectionery giant, and REWE Group, a major food retailer in Germany.

plant-based protein
plant-based protein

Pulmuone: A leader in tofu and plant-based food products

Pulmuone is a South Korean food manufacturer that specializes in tofu and plant-based food products. The company was founded in 1981 by Nam Seung-woo, a social activist and environmentalist, who wanted to promote healthy and natural food. The company’s name means “pure and full of life” in Korean.

Pulmuone has expanded its business to other countries, such as the US, China, and Japan, and has acquired several brands, such as Nasoya, Wildwood, and Monterey Gourmet Foods. The company is known for its tofu products, such as tofu steak, tofu nuggets, and tofu kimchi, as well as its plant-based line, Plantspired, which features products such as plant-based burgers, sausages, and meatballs.

The partnership: A collaboration to create innovative protein products for South Korea

The partnership between Infinite Roots and Pulmuone is aimed at developing and selling a range of plant-based meat alternatives for the South Korean market, which has a growing demand for healthy and sustainable food options. The two companies plan to combine their expertise and resources to create products that are tailored to the local consumers’ tastes and needs.

The partnership will start with a test phase, in which the companies will conduct consumer research and retail testing in selected distribution channels in South Korea. The companies will evaluate the market potential and customer acceptance of their products, and adjust their strategies accordingly. The partnership will be further intensified after the successful completion of the test phase.

Dr. Mazen Rizk, CEO and founder of Infinite Roots, said: “We are very honored and excited to work with Pulmuone, a partner who has a significant market influence and a visionary mindset. This partnership is a crucial step in our mission to offer sustainable and tasty nutritional alternatives, with a special focus on South Korea’s culinary traditions and taste preferences.”

Kim Jin Hong, CEO of Pulmuone Foods, said: “We are impressed by the clear vision and professional execution of Infinite Roots. This partnership reinforces our shared commitment to revolutionize the food industry and lay the foundation for a more sustainable future. We look forward to working with Infinite Roots to develop products that not only protect the environment but also meet the high standards of our customers.”

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