iOS 17.2: What’s new and how to get it on your iPhone

Apple has released the iOS 17.2 update for iPhone users, bringing a host of new features and improvements. The update is available for iPhone 6s and later models, and can be downloaded by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Here are some of the highlights of iOS 17.2 and how it will change your iPhone experience.

One of the most notable additions in iOS 17.2 is Journal, a new app that lets you create and organize your memories in a digital scrapbook. Journal automatically collects your photos, videos, notes, and other content from various apps and sources, and organizes them by date, location, people, and topics. You can also add your own text, stickers, drawings, and audio recordings to personalize your journal entries. Journal syncs across your devices and can be shared with your friends and family.

iOS 17.2: What’s new and how to get it on your iPhone
iOS 17.2: What’s new and how to get it on your iPhone

Shared Playlists: Collaborate on your music collection

Another new feature in iOS 17.2 is Shared Playlists, which allows you to create and edit playlists with other Apple Music subscribers. You can invite up to 100 people to join your playlist, and each person can add, remove, and reorder songs. You can also chat with your collaborators and see their profile pictures and listening activity. Shared Playlists are a great way to discover new music and enjoy your favorite tunes with others.

Memoji: More customization and expression options

iOS 17.2 also brings more options to customize and express yourself with Memoji, the animated avatars that you can use in Messages, FaceTime, and other apps. You can now choose from over 40 new hairstyles, accessories, outfits, and colors for your Memoji, as well as adjust the shape and size of your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. You can also use new Memoji stickers to convey different emotions and reactions, such as laughing, crying, winking, and more.

iMessage: Enhanced security and privacy

iOS 17.2 also improves the security and privacy of your iMessage conversations, by adding two new features: Verified Contacts and Private Relay. Verified Contacts lets you confirm the identity of the people you chat with, by showing a verification badge next to their name and photo. You can also see their Contact Poster, which is a custom screen that they create to show their personality and interests. Private Relay is a feature that encrypts and anonymizes your iMessage traffic, so that no one, not even Apple, can see who you are talking to or what you are saying.

Other improvements and bug fixes

iOS 17.2 also includes several other enhancements and bug fixes, such as:

  • Live Wallpaper: A new category of dynamic wallpapers that change colors and patterns according to the time of day, your battery level, and your mood.
  • NameDrop: A new feature that lets you share your phone number, email address, and Contact Poster with other iPhone users nearby, using AirDrop.
  • Predictions Inline: A new keyboard option that shows predictive text as you type, and lets you complete words and sentences by tapping the space bar.
  • FaceTime: A new option to leave audio or video messages when someone doesn’t answer your FaceTime call, and a new feature to add hand gestures and reactions during a video call.
  • AirPlay: A new feature that lets you hand off your FaceTime calls, music, podcasts, and videos between your iPhone and Apple TV.

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