The Golden Bachelor, the reality show that features 72-year-old widower Gerry Turner looking for love among 20 women over 60, had a shocking twist in its latest episode. One of the frontrunners, Joan Vassos, decided to leave the show after receiving a text message from her daughter who had a complicated delivery and needed her mother’s support. Joan, 60, was a private school administrator from Rockland, Md., who had lost her husband of 32 years to pancreatic cancer. She had a strong connection with Gerry and had received a group date rose from him the night before.

A Difficult Decision

Joan broke the news to the other women and to Gerry, who were all emotional and supportive of her decision. Joan explained that her family was always her priority and that she had to be a parent to her four children, especially in such a difficult time. She also expressed her regret for leaving Gerry, whom she felt healed her heart after her husband’s death. Gerry said he understood and respected her choice, but he was also disappointed and sad to see her go. He praised her moral compass and said that sometimes the right thing to do was the hardest.

Joan Vassos Leaves The Golden Bachelor to Be With Her Family
Joan Vassos Leaves The Golden Bachelor to Be With Her Family

A Heartfelt Goodbye

Joan and Gerry hugged and kissed goodbye, and Joan left in a limo with tears in her eyes. She said she felt like she was doing the wrong thing for them, but she knew she had to do the right thing for her family. She also said she hoped Gerry would find his true love among the remaining women. Gerry said he would miss her and wished her all the best. He also said he was grateful for their time together and that she taught him a lot about life and love.

A Dramatic Rose Ceremony

The episode ended with a rose ceremony, where Gerry had to eliminate two more women from the competition. He chose to send home Edith Aguirre, a retired nurse from San Diego, Calif., and Christine Kempton, a real estate agent from Nashville, Tenn. He thanked them for their journey and wished them well. The nine women who received roses were:

  • Theresa Nist, 65, a retired teacher from Portland, Ore.
  • Faith Martin, 61, a yoga instructor from Austin, Tex.
  • Kaity Biggar, 63, a travel nurse from Denver, Colo.
  • Charity Lawson, 62, a child and family therapist from Atlanta, Ga.
  • Dotun Olubeko, 64, an integrative medicine specialist from Chicago, Ill.
  • Zach Shallcross, 66, a tech executive from Austin, Tex.
  • Trista Rehnquist, 67, a former Bachelorette lead from Miami Beach, Fla.
  • Alex Michel, 68, a former Bachelor lead from New York City
  • Amanda Marsh-Crofton, 69, a former Bachelor winner from Kansas City

The next episode will feature more dates, drama and surprises as Gerry gets closer to finding his golden partner.


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