Kids’ Favorite Comfort Foods Revealed by New Study

A new study has revealed the top comfort foods that kids love to eat when they are feeling stressed, sad, or bored. The study, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Farm Rich, surveyed 2,000 American parents of children aged 6-17 and found that pizza, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream were the most popular choices among the young ones.

According to the study, pizza was the number one comfort food for kids, with 42% of them choosing it as their go-to dish when they need a mood boost. Macaroni and cheese came in second, with 33% of the votes, followed by ice cream, with 32%. Other comfort foods that made the top 10 list were:

Kids’ Favorite Comfort Foods Revealed by New Study
Kids’ Favorite Comfort Foods Revealed by New Study
  • Chicken nuggets (31%)
  • French fries (26%)
  • Chocolate (24%)
  • Cookies (23%)
  • Grilled cheese (22%)
  • Popcorn (21%)
  • Brownies (20%)

The study also found that kids tend to crave comfort foods more often during the winter months, with December being the peak month for indulging in these dishes. The average kid eats comfort food about four times a week, according to the survey.

Comfort Foods Help Kids Cope with Stress

The study also explored the reasons why kids turn to comfort foods and how they affect their emotions. The most common triggers for comfort food cravings were:

  • Stress (41%)
  • Sadness (35%)
  • Boredom (34%)
  • Loneliness (29%)
  • Anger (25%)

The majority of parents (76%) said that comfort foods help their kids feel happier, while 65% said they help them feel calmer. Additionally, 59% of parents said that comfort foods help their kids feel more loved, and 54% said they help them feel more confident.

Parents Share Their Kids’ Comfort Food Stories

The study also asked parents to share some of the stories behind their kids’ comfort food preferences and habits. Some of the anecdotes were:

  • “My son loves pizza because it reminds him of his dad who passed away. They used to eat pizza together every Friday night.”
  • “My daughter loves macaroni and cheese because it was the first thing she learned how to cook by herself.”
  • “My son loves ice cream because it makes him feel like a kid again. He says it reminds him of the summers he spent with his grandparents.”
  • “My daughter loves chicken nuggets because they are easy to eat and she can dip them in different sauces. She says they are fun and tasty.”
  • “My son loves chocolate because it helps him relax and focus. He says it gives him a boost of energy and happiness.”

The study also revealed that parents often join their kids in eating comfort foods, with 72% of them admitting to doing so. The most common reasons for parents to eat comfort foods with their kids were:

  • To bond with them (49%)
  • To make them happy (48%)
  • To treat themselves (46%)
  • To cheer them up (45%)
  • To celebrate something (43%)

The study concluded that comfort foods play an important role in kids’ lives, as they help them cope with various emotions and situations. The study also suggested that parents should be mindful of the nutritional value of comfort foods and balance them with healthy options.

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