How a Macau casino heiress found happiness in the kitchen

Laurinda Ho, the daughter of the late Macau “casino king” Stanley Ho, has revealed that she enjoys cooking for her husband, Chinese actor Shawn Dou, and that they are planning to have a baby soon.

A lavish wedding in Bali

Laurinda Ho and Shawn Dou tied the knot in a three-day wedding in Bali last month, after dating for two years. The couple exchanged vows at the Mulia Resort, where they also hosted a grand banquet for their guests. The bride wore seven different designer gowns, including customized Vera Wang, Dior and Valentino.

The wedding was estimated to cost HK$50 million (around $6.4 million), and the couple received HK$100 million in gold and diamond jewellery from well-wishers. Laurinda’s brother, Mario Ho, shared some photos of the wedding on social media and congratulated the newlyweds.

How a Macau casino heiress found happiness in the kitchen

A simple life at home

Despite her wealthy background and glamorous lifestyle, Laurinda Ho said that she prefers to spend time at home with her husband and cook for him. She said that she learned to cook from her mother, Angela Leong, who is the fourth wife of Stanley Ho and a successful businesswoman.

Laurinda said that she likes to make Chinese dishes, such as braised pork belly, steamed fish and soup, for Shawn, who is from Heilongjiang province in China. She also said that she enjoys baking cakes and cookies for him. She said that cooking is a way of expressing her love and gratitude to her husband, who works hard as an actor.

A baby on the way

Laurinda Ho also revealed that she and Shawn Dou are planning to have a baby soon. She said that they have been trying to conceive since their wedding, and that they hope to have a big family. She said that she wants to have at least three children, and that she does not mind if they are boys or girls.

She said that she is confident that Shawn will be a good father, as he is very caring and attentive to her. She also said that he is supportive of her career as a singer and actress, and that they respect each other’s work. She said that they have a lot of common interests, such as watching movies, playing games and traveling.

Laurinda Ho is the youngest daughter of Stanley Ho, who passed away in May 2020 at the age of 98. He was known as the “casino king” of Macau, as he held a monopoly on the gambling industry in the former Portuguese colony for four decades. He had four wives and 17 children.

Shawn Dou is a popular actor in China, who rose to fame with his role in the 2010 film “Under the Hawthorn Tree”. He has also starred in several TV dramas, such as “Princess Agents”, “Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy” and “The Legend of Xiao Chuo”. He won the Best Supporting Actor award at the Golden Horse Awards in 2017 for his performance in “Youth”.

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