NOMEN Ramen: A New Way to Enjoy Ramen Soup Without the Noodles

Ramen is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, but it is also high in calories and carbohydrates due to the noodles. For those who want to enjoy the rich flavor of ramen soup without the guilt, a new product has been launched by Kakuyasu, a liquor and food retailer. It is called NOMEN Ramen Men Nuki Soup Dake, which means “ramen soup only without the noodles”.

NOMEN Ramen is a cup-type drinkable ramen soup that removes the noodles from ramen. It is a low-calorie option with only 24-42 calories per cup, depending on the flavor. The product offers three flavors: shoyu (soy sauce), tonkotsu (pork bone), and miso. Each flavor is made with natural ingredients and no artificial additives. The soup is also rich in collagen, which is good for the skin and joints.

NOMEN Ramen: A New Way to Enjoy Ramen Soup Without the Noodles
NOMEN Ramen: A New Way to Enjoy Ramen Soup Without the Noodles

How to Enjoy NOMEN Ramen?

NOMEN Ramen can be enjoyed in various ways, depending on your preference and mood. You can simply heat up the cup in a microwave and drink the soup as it is, or you can add toppings such as boiled eggs, green onions, seaweed, or cheese to make it more filling and satisfying. You can also use NOMEN Ramen as a base for other dishes, such as curry, stew, or pasta sauce. The possibilities are endless!

How Does NOMEN Ramen Taste?

We decided to try out NOMEN Ramen ourselves and see how it compares to regular ramen. We ordered all three flavors from Kakuyasu’s online store and received them in a few days. The cups were easy to open and had a convenient peel-off lid. The soup looked thick and creamy, and had a nice aroma.

We first tried the shoyu flavor, which had a clear brown color and a savory taste. It was not too salty or oily, and had a balanced flavor of soy sauce, chicken, and vegetables. It reminded us of a classic Tokyo-style ramen.

Next, we tried the tonkotsu flavor, which had a milky white color and a rich taste. It was creamy and smooth, and had a deep flavor of pork bone, garlic, and ginger. It was similar to a Hakata-style ramen, but less fatty and heavy.

Finally, we tried the miso flavor, which had a reddish brown color and a spicy taste. It was thick and hearty, and had a complex flavor of miso, pork, and chili. It was comparable to a Sapporo-style ramen, but more refreshing and light.

We were impressed by the quality and taste of NOMEN Ramen, and we felt satisfied after drinking the soup. We did not miss the noodles at all, and we felt less bloated and sluggish than after eating regular ramen. We also liked the fact that NOMEN Ramen was low in calories and high in collagen, which made us feel good about our health.

Where to Buy NOMEN Ramen?

NOMEN Ramen is currently available only in Japan, and can be purchased from Kakuyasu’s online store or physical outlets. The price is 198 yen (about 1.8 USD) per cup, which is reasonable for a drinkable ramen soup. The product is expected to be popular among health-conscious consumers, especially women and office workers who want to enjoy ramen without the hassle and guilt.

If you are interested in trying NOMEN Ramen, you can order it from Kakuyasu’s website or find a store near you. You can also check out their official Twitter account for more information and updates. NOMEN Ramen is a new way to enjoy ramen soup without the noodles, and it might change your perception of ramen forever!

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