Ogerpon dominates the first Pokémon Scarlet and Violet regional tournament

The first official Pokémon Scarlet and Violet regional tournament with the new Regulation E ruleset was held this weekend, and it was a showcase of the power and versatility of the new Legendary Pokémon Ogerpon. The Mask Pokémon, which can change its type and ability depending on the mask it holds, swept the competition and secured the victory for James Baek, who used its Wellspring form.

How Ogerpon works

Ogerpon is a unique Pokémon that has four different forms: Tera, Hearthflame, Wellspring, and Cornerstone. Each form has a different type, ability, and appearance, depending on the mask that Ogerpon holds. The masks are items that can be obtained in the Teal Mask expansion of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Ogerpon dominates the first Pokémon Scarlet and Violet regional tournament
Ogerpon dominates the first Pokémon Scarlet and Violet regional tournament

The Tera form is Ogerpon’s default form, which is a pure Grass type with the Tera ability. This ability allows Ogerpon to change its form when it uses a move that matches its type. For example, if Ogerpon uses Leaf Blade, it will transform into its Hearthflame form, which is a Grass/Fire type with the Blaze ability. Similarly, if Ogerpon uses Scald, it will transform into its Wellspring form, which is a Grass/Water type with the Torrent ability. And if Ogerpon uses Rock Slide, it will transform into its Cornerstone form, which is a Grass/Rock type with the Solid Rock ability.

Ogerpon can also change its form by holding a specific mask. The Hearthflame Mask will make Ogerpon stay in its Hearthflame form, regardless of the move it uses. The same applies to the Wellspring Mask, the Cornerstone Mask, and the Tera Mask. These masks can be swapped during battle using moves like Trick or Switcheroo, allowing Ogerpon to adapt to different situations.

Why Ogerpon is so strong

Ogerpon’s strength lies in its ability to change its type and ability according to the situation. This makes it very unpredictable and versatile, as it can counter various threats and exploit different weaknesses. For example, Ogerpon can use its Wellspring form to resist Fire attacks and deal super effective damage to Fire types with Scald or Hydro Pump. Or it can use its Hearthflame form to resist Ice attacks and deal super effective damage to Ice types with Flare Blitz or Fire Blast.

Ogerpon’s stats are also very impressive, as it has a base stat total of 680, which is equal to most Legendary Pokémon. It has high Attack, Special Attack, and Speed stats, making it a powerful offensive threat. It also has decent Defense and Special Defense stats, allowing it to take some hits. Its only weak point is its low HP stat, which makes it vulnerable to moves like Final Gambit or Endeavor.

Ogerpon’s move pool is also very diverse and expansive, as it can learn moves from various types and categories. It can learn physical moves like Leaf Blade, Flare Blitz, Liquidation, and Stone Edge; special moves like Energy Ball, Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, and Power Gem; and status moves like Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, and Synthesis. It can also learn some unique moves like Terasatallize, which boosts all of its stats by one stage but locks it into its current form; and Mask Swap, which swaps its mask with another item on the field.

How Ogerpon won the tournament

At the Peoria Regionals, Ogerpon was the most used Pokémon in the top 12 teams, with 34.6 percent usage for its Hearthflame form and 22.1 percent usage for its Wellspring form. In fact, every single player in the top eight had either of these two forms on their team.

The finals match was between James Baek’s Wellspring Ogerpon and Luka Trejgut’s Hearthflame Ogerpon. Both players also had other powerful Pokémon on their teams, such as Flutter Mane (the new Fairy/Flying Legendary), Chi-Yu (the new Psychic/Dragon Legendary), Tornadus (the Flying Legendary), and Heatran (the Fire/Steel Legendary).

The match was very close and exciting, as both players tried to gain an advantage by using their Ogerpon’s abilities and masks. Baek used his Tornadus to set up rain with Rain Dance, which boosted his Wellspring Ogerpon’s Water attacks and reduced Trejgut’s Hearthflame Ogerpon’s Fire attacks. Trejgut used his Chi-Yu to set up sun with Sunny Day, which did the opposite effect.

The final turn came down to Baek’s Wellspring Ogerpon and Trejgut’s Flutter Mane against Trejgut’s Hearthflame Ogerpon and Heatran. Baek had the upper hand as his Wellspring Ogerpon had boosted its Special Attack with Nasty Plot and was holding the Wellspring Mask, which prevented it from changing its form. Trejgut’s Hearthflame Ogerpon had also boosted its Special Attack with Nasty Plot, but was holding the Tera Mask, which meant it would change its form if it used a Fire move.

Baek made the winning move by having his Wellspring Ogerpon use Scald on Trejgut’s Flutter Mane, which was weak to Water. The rain-boosted Scald was enough to knock out Flutter Mane in one hit, securing the victory for Baek. Trejgut’s Hearthflame Ogerpon tried to retaliate with Fire Blast on Baek’s Wellspring Ogerpon, but the sun had faded and the rain reduced its power. Baek’s Wellspring Ogerpon survived the Fire Blast and celebrated with its trainer.

What this means for the meta

Ogerpon’s performance at the Peoria Regionals proved that it is a force to be reckoned with in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet meta. It showed that it can adapt to different situations and counter various threats with its type-changing ability and masks. It also showed that it can work well with other Pokémon that can manipulate the weather, such as Tornadus, Chi-Yu, or Heatran.

However, Ogerpon is not invincible, as it has some drawbacks and weaknesses. It has a low HP stat, which makes it susceptible to moves that deal damage based on HP, such as Final Gambit or Endeavor. It also has some common weaknesses, such as Flying, Poison, Bug, and Ice, which can be exploited by other Pokémon like Flutter Mane, Sinistcha (the new Dark/Poison Legendary), Iron Hands (the new Steel/Bug Legendary), or Mamoswine.

Ogerpon’s type-changing ability can also backfire if it is not used carefully. For example, if Ogerpon uses a Grass move while holding the Hearthflame Mask, it will change into its Tera form, which is weak to Fire. Or if Ogerpon uses a Water move while holding the Cornerstone Mask, it will change into its Wellspring form, which is weak to Grass.

Therefore, Ogerpon requires skill and strategy to use effectively. It is not a Pokémon that can simply sweep through teams without any thought or planning. It is a Pokémon that rewards creativity and adaptation, as well as teamwork and synergy.

Ogerpon is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and powerful Pokémon introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It has changed the meta and challenged the players to find new ways to use it and counter it. It is a Pokémon that deserves respect and admiration, as well as fear and caution.

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