Overwatch 2 Update Brings Major Changes to Roadhog and Sombra

Overwatch 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Blizzard’s popular hero shooter, is getting a new update on November 14 that will introduce some significant changes to two of its heroes: Roadhog and Sombra. The update, which is part of the game’s Season 8, will also include bug fixes, balance tweaks, and quality of life improvements.

Roadhog, the ruthless scavenger who wields a scrap gun and a hook, is getting a major rework in Overwatch 2 that will alter his playstyle and role in the game. According to the patch notes, Roadhog will gain a new ability called Scrap Grenade, which will replace his Take a Breather. Scrap Grenade will allow Roadhog to throw a grenade that deals damage and knocks back enemies in a small radius, while also healing himself and nearby allies for a moderate amount. This ability will have a 10-second cooldown and will consume 25% of Roadhog’s scrap meter, which will replace his ammo.

Overwatch 2 Update Brings Major Changes to Roadhog and Sombra
Overwatch 2 Update Brings Major Changes to Roadhog and Sombra

The rework will also give Roadhog more crowd control (CC) abilities, as his hook will now stun enemies for 0.5 seconds instead of pulling them towards him. Additionally, his primary fire will have a slight knockback effect, while his secondary fire will have a longer range and a faster projectile speed. These changes will make Roadhog more effective at disrupting and displacing enemies, as well as providing some utility and self-sustain for himself and his team.

Sombra’s Buffs: More Stealth and Hacking Power

Sombra, the elusive hacker who can infiltrate and sabotage enemy systems, is getting some buffs in Overwatch 2 that will enhance her stealth and hacking capabilities. According to the patch notes, Sombra will be able to stay invisible indefinitely, as her Thermoptic Camo will no longer have a duration limit or a sound cue when activated or deactivated. However, she will still be revealed by damage, abilities, or environmental effects, and her movement speed bonus will be reduced from 70% to 50%.

The buffs will also improve Sombra’s hacking power, as her Hack will now have a shorter cast time of 0.6 seconds, down from 0.8 seconds. Moreover, her Hack will have a wider range of effects, as it will now disable passives, ultimates, and cooldowns of hacked enemies, as well as reveal their health bars and ultimate status to Sombra and her team. Additionally, her EMP will have a larger radius of 20 meters, up from 15 meters, and will also disable shields and barriers of affected enemies.

What to Expect from the Update

The update will be available for all Overwatch 2 players on November 14, and will require a download of about 2 GB. The update will also include some bug fixes, such as fixing a glitch that allowed Mauga, the new tank hero, to fire his gatling guns while stunned or frozen. Furthermore, the update will bring some balance tweaks, such as reducing the damage of Widowmaker’s sniper rifle, increasing the cooldown of Mercy’s resurrect, and adjusting the hitboxes of several heroes.

The update will also introduce some quality of life improvements, such as adding a ping system that will allow players to communicate with their team without using voice chat, adding a replay feature that will let players watch their previous matches from different perspectives, and adding a report system that will allow players to report abusive or toxic behavior.

The update is expected to bring some fresh and exciting changes to Overwatch 2, and will likely shake up the meta and the gameplay of the game. Players can look forward to trying out the new and improved Roadhog and Sombra, as well as exploring the other features and fixes that the update will offer.

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