Palworld: A Controversial Survival Game with Creatures and Guns

Palworld is a new survival game that lets players explore, craft, build, and fight with creatures called Pals. The game has been generating a lot of buzz online, but also a lot of skepticism and criticism. The developer, Pocketpair, has recently addressed some of the common questions and concerns about the game on its Steam page, insisting that it is not a scam or a money-making scheme.

Palworld is an open-world action-adventure RPG game that features a variety of Pals, which are mysterious creatures that can be tamed, bred, trained, and used for various purposes. The game allows players to create their own farms, factories, castles, and even cities, using Pals as workers, soldiers, or companions. The game also has a survival aspect, as players have to deal with hunger, thirst, weather, diseases, and enemies.

Palworld: A Controversial Survival Game with Creatures and Guns
Palworld: A Controversial Survival Game with Creatures and Guns

The game is inspired by the popular Pokémon franchise, but with a darker and more realistic tone. The game does not shy away from showing the harsh realities of using Pals for labor, combat, and even food. The game also has guns, which can be used to hunt, defend, or attack other players and Pals. The game has a single-player mode, as well as a multiplayer mode that supports up to 100 players per server.

Why is Palworld controversial?

Palworld has been attracting a lot of attention since its first trailer was released in June 2023, which showed Pals being used as shields, meat, and slaves. The trailer sparked a lot of reactions, both positive and negative, from fans and critics alike. Some praised the game for its originality, creativity, and humor, while others condemned the game for its violence, cruelty, and exploitation of Pals.

The game has also been accused of being a scam, a rip-off, or a cash-grab, by some skeptics and detractors. Some have questioned the legitimacy of the game, its developer, and its release date. Some have also compared the game to other failed or shady survival games, such as The Day Before, which has created distrust between players and early access developers on Steam.

How did the developer respond?

The developer, Pocketpair, has recently posted a FAQ on the game’s Steam page, where it addressed some of the common questions and concerns about the game. The developer stated that the game is not a scam, and that it will definitely be released on January 19, 2024. The developer also clarified that the game is not a money-making MMO or a virtual currency game, and that it is a typical Steam game that players can buy once and own forever.

The developer also explained the game’s vision, design, and features, and assured the fans that the game is not meant to be offensive, insensitive, or immoral. The developer said that the game is a satire, and that it does not endorse or promote the abuse or mistreatment of Pals. The developer also said that the game is not a clone or a copy of Pokémon, and that it has its own originality and identity.

The developer also thanked the fans for their support, feedback, and suggestions, and invited them to join the game’s community and discord server. The developer said that it is open to criticism and improvement, and that it will listen to the players and update the game accordingly.

What can players expect from Palworld?

Palworld is a game that promises to offer a lot of freedom, fun, and adventure to the players. The game has a vast and diverse world to explore, with different biomes, climates, and seasons. The game has over 100 types of Pals to discover, collect, and interact with, each with their own abilities, personalities, and appearances. The game has a dynamic and immersive gameplay, with various activities, challenges, and events to participate in.

The game also has a rich and deep crafting and building system, with hundreds of items, materials, and structures to create and customize. The game has a complex and realistic simulation, with physics, chemistry, biology, and ecology affecting the game world and the Pals. The game has a competitive and cooperative multiplayer mode, with PvP, PvE, and co-op options available.

Palworld is a game that aims to deliver a unique and memorable experience to the players, with a blend of humor, horror, and wonder. The game is not for everyone, as it may contain scenes and themes that some may find disturbing, offensive, or inappropriate. The game is also not finished, as it is still in early access, and may have bugs, glitches, and errors. The game is expected to stay in early access for at least a year, before coming out with the full release.

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