Pixel 8 series to introduce Night Sight video feature

Google is gearing up to launch its flagship Pixel 8 series on October 4th, along with the Pixel Watch 2. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro are expected to feature a new photography-based feature that might give them an edge over other Android phones and the iPhone 15 series. The feature is rumored to be Night Sight video, which would allow users to record videos in low-light conditions without using flash.

What is Night Sight video?

Night Sight video is a possible extension of the Night Sight mode that Google introduced in 2018 for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. Night Sight mode enables users to take photos in the dark with enhanced details and colors, without blinding someone by using flash. The mode uses machine learning and computational photography techniques to combine multiple frames and adjust the exposure and white balance of the final image.

Pixel 8 series to introduce Night Sight video feature
Pixel 8 series to introduce Night Sight video feature

Night Sight video would presumably apply the same principles to video recording, allowing users to capture videos in the dark with improved clarity and brightness. This would be a significant improvement over the current video capabilities of the Pixel phones, which tend to struggle in low-light scenarios. Night Sight video could also support recording in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second, according to some leaks.

How will Night Sight video work?

While Google has not officially confirmed the existence of Night Sight video, some clues have been found in the code of the Google Camera app and the Google Store website. A developer named cstark27 discovered a reference to “Night Sight Video” in the code of the Google Camera app version 8.3.252, which was released in August 2023. The code also suggested that Night Sight video would have three modes: Auto, On, and Off.

Another hint was found on the Google Store website, where an image of the Pixel 8 Pro was briefly displayed before being removed. The image showed the camera layout of the Pixel 8 Pro, which included a 50MP ISOCELL GN2 sensor for the primary camera, a 64MP Sony IMX787 sensor for the ultra-wide camera, and a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor for depth sensing. The image also revealed a new icon on the camera app interface, which looked like a crescent moon with a video camera symbol. This icon could be the indicator for Night Sight video mode.

What are the benefits of Night Sight video?

Night Sight video could be a game-changer for the Pixel 8 series, as it would give them a unique advantage over other smartphones in terms of low-light video recording. Low-light video recording is one of the most challenging aspects of smartphone photography, as it requires a balance between noise reduction, detail preservation, color accuracy, and dynamic range. Most smartphones tend to produce grainy, blurry, or washed-out videos in dark environments, even with flash or artificial lighting.

Night Sight video could solve this problem by using artificial intelligence and computational photography to enhance the quality of low-light videos. It could also enable users to capture more creative and artistic videos in the dark, such as night sky timelapses, star trails, light painting, or fireworks. Night Sight video could also be useful for professional or amateur filmmakers who want to shoot cinematic scenes in low-light conditions without expensive equipment or lighting setups.

How will Google market Night Sight video?

Google has always been proud of its photography prowess and has used it as a selling point for its Pixel phones. When Google launched Night Sight mode in 2018, it heavily promoted it as a feature that differentiated the Pixel from the iPhone and other Android phones. Google even created a dedicated website for Night Sight mode, where it showcased examples of photos taken with and without Night Sight mode.

Google is likely to follow a similar strategy for Night Sight video, as it would be one of the main attractions of the Pixel 8 series. Google could create ads, videos, blogs, and social media posts that highlight the benefits and use cases of Night Sight video. Google could also leverage its partnerships with celebrities, influencers, and content creators who could showcase their Night Sight videos on various platforms. Google could also invite users to share their own Night Sight videos with hashtags like #Nightsightvideo or #Pixel8.

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