Pixel Watch 2 Users Report Battery Drain Issue After Latest Update

Google’s Pixel Watch 2, which was launched last month along with the Pixel 8 series smartphones, has received its first software update. However, some users have reported that the update has caused a battery drain issue on their smartwatches.

The update, which is currently available only for the LTE version of the Pixel Watch 2, includes some bug fixes and the November 2023 security patch. Google has not specified what bugs the update addresses, but it is likely to improve the performance and stability of the smartwatch.

Pixel Watch 2 Users Report Battery Drain Issue After Latest Update
Pixel Watch 2 Users Report Battery Drain Issue After Latest Update

The update does not bring any new features or watch faces to the Pixel Watch 2, which runs on Wear OS 4 and is powered by a Qualcomm 5100 SoC. The smartwatch has a 1.4-inch AMOLED display with a domed glass, a haptic crown, a single button, and a 306mAh battery. It also supports wireless charging, GPS, NFC, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, and sleep tracking.

Users complain about battery drain after update

However, some Pixel Watch 2 users have taken to online forums and social media platforms to complain about a battery drain issue after installing the latest update. According to them, their smartwatches are losing battery power much faster than before, even when not in use.

Some users have also reported that their smartwatches are still showing the October security patch, even after downloading and installing the update. This suggests that the update may not have been installed properly on some devices.

Google has not yet acknowledged the battery drain issue or offered any solution to the affected users. It is also unclear when the Wi-Fi-only version of the Pixel Watch 2 and the original Pixel Watch will receive the update.

How to install the update manually

Pixel Watch 2 users who have not received a notification about the update can check for it manually by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings > System > System updates on your smartwatch.
  • Tap the “Your watch is up to date” screen multiple times to initiate the update.
  • Wait for the update to download and install on your smartwatch.
  • Restart your smartwatch to complete the update process.

If you have already installed the update and are facing the battery drain issue, you can try some of these tips to improve your battery life:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC when not needed.
  • Reduce the brightness and timeout of your display.
  • Disable always-on display and tilt-to-wake features.
  • Uninstall or disable any unused apps or watch faces.
  • Turn on battery saver mode or airplane mode when not using your smartwatch.

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