Halloween is not only a time for humans to dress up and have fun, but also for their furry friends. According to a national survey by PetSmart, 76 percent of American pet owners said they planned to put their pets in costumes, with 30 percent saying they intended to have their pets dress up more than once for the holiday. But what are the most popular pet costumes this year?

Pumpkins Reign Supreme

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), a pumpkin is the most popular pet costume in the U.S., with an estimated 11 percent of pet owners dressing their pets in these costumes. Pumpkins are a classic and simple choice that can suit any pet, from dogs and cats to bunnies and reptiles. Some pet owners even carve their own pumpkins to match their pets’ costumes.

Pumpkin, Hot Dog or Bat? The Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes of 2023
Pumpkin, Hot Dog or Bat? The Most Popular Pet Halloween Costumes of 2023

Hot Dogs Are a Close Second

The second most popular pet costume is a hot dog, with 7 percent of pet owners choosing this option. Hot dogs are especially fitting for long and short breeds, such as dachshunds and corgis. Some hot dog costumes come with extra toppings, such as mustard, ketchup, relish or cheese. Others are more creative, such as the BarkBoxed Franzia Wine Costume, which turns your dog into a box of wine with a hot dog spout.

Bats and Other Animals Are Also Popular

The third most popular pet costume category is other animals, with 4 percent of pet owners dressing their pets as bats, cats, lions, spiders or bumblebees. These costumes can be cute or scary, depending on the mood of the pet and the owner. Some of the best-selling animal costumes on Amazon include a Chucky costume inspired by the famous horror character, a bat costume with wings and ears, and a lion mane that transforms your pet into the king of the jungle.

Some Pet Owners Go for More Original Ideas

While some pet owners stick to the traditional and popular choices, others go for more original and creative ideas. Some of the new and trending pet costumes for 2023 include:

  • A Doggy Parton Concert Pet Costume, which pays homage to the country music legend with a pink frilly dress, a curly blonde wig and a guitar.
  • A Legally Blonde 2 Bruiser Woods Costume, which is officially licensed by the movie and consists of a newsboy cap and a wraparound blazer in hot pink.
  • A Pickleball Player Costume, which is inspired by the growing popularity of the sport and features a tennis outfit, a racket and a ball.

Pet Owners Should Consider Their Pets’ Comfort and Safety

While dressing up your pet can be fun and adorable, it is also important to consider your pet’s comfort and safety. Pet experts recommend choosing costumes that are not too tight or loose, that do not restrict your pet’s movement or vision, that do not have any choking hazards or toxic materials, and that are easy to put on and take off. You should also monitor your pet’s behavior and body language while wearing the costume, and remove it if your pet shows any signs of stress or discomfort.

Halloween is a great opportunity to bond with your pet and show off your creativity. Whether you choose a pumpkin, a hot dog, a bat or something else, make sure your pet is happy and safe in their costume.


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