Pro-Bitcoin Libertarian Shocks Argentina with Primary Election Victory

Javier Milei is a libertarian economist, author, and rock singer who has been making waves in Argentina’s political scene with his pro-Bitcoin and anti-establishment views. He is the leader of the Freedom Advances party, which advocates for free markets, individual rights, and limited government. He is also a vocal critic of the current administration of President Alberto Fernández, whom he accuses of leading the country to economic ruin and authoritarianism.

Milei is known for his eccentric personality and flamboyant style. He sports a long mane of blond hair, wears leather jackets and sunglasses, and often sings rock songs at his rallies. He has also been involved in several controversies, such as insulting journalists, clashing with other politicians, and making controversial statements about feminism, abortion, and homosexuality.

Pro-Bitcoin Libertarian Shocks Argentina with Primary Election Victory
Pro-Bitcoin Libertarian Shocks Argentina with Primary Election Victory

Milei is a staunch supporter of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which he sees as a way to escape the inflation and devaluation of the Argentine peso. He has said that he owns Bitcoin himself and that he would promote its adoption if he becomes president. He has also praised El Salvador’s decision to make Bitcoin legal tender and said that he would do the same in Argentina.

How did he win the primary election?

On Sunday, August 13, 2023, Argentina held its primary elections to select the candidates for the presidential and congressional elections in October. The primary elections are mandatory and serve as a poll to gauge the popularity of the different parties and candidates.

To the surprise of many, Milei emerged as the winner of the primary election in Buenos Aires City, the capital and largest city of Argentina. With 84% of the vote counted, Milei had 30.73% of the votes, ahead of candidates from the two main political forces: Together for Change (28.14%) and United for the Homeland (26.84%). Together for Change is a center-right coalition that opposes Fernández’s government, while United for the Homeland is a center-left coalition that supports it.

Milei’s victory was unexpected because he had little media coverage and campaign funding compared to his rivals. He relied mostly on social media and grassroots activism to spread his message and mobilize his supporters. He also appealed to young voters who are disillusioned with the traditional parties and the economic situation in Argentina.

Milei celebrated his victory by singing rock songs with his supporters at his campaign headquarters. He thanked them for their trust and said that they had made history by choosing freedom over tyranny. He also challenged Fernández to a debate and said that he would defeat him in October.

What does this mean for Argentina’s future?

Milei’s victory in the primary election has shaken up Argentina’s political landscape and raised questions about the future of the country. Some analysts see Milei as a potential threat to Fernández’s re-election bid, as he could attract voters who are dissatisfied with his handling of the pandemic, the economy, and the debt crisis. Others see Milei as a fringe candidate who will not be able to translate his popularity in Buenos Aires City to other regions of the country.

Milei’s victory also reflects a growing discontent with the status quo and a desire for change among many Argentines. Milei is not the only outsider candidate who performed well in the primary election. In other provinces, candidates from new or minor parties also gained ground against the traditional ones. This shows that there is a demand for new ideas and alternatives in Argentina’s politics.

Milei’s victory also has implications for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Argentina. Milei is one of the few politicians who openly supports Bitcoin and advocates for its adoption as legal tender. If he becomes president, he could implement policies that would make Argentina more friendly to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This could attract more investors, entrepreneurs, and users to the crypto space in Argentina.

However, Milei also faces many challenges and obstacles to achieve his goals. He will have to overcome the resistance of the political establishment, the media, and the public opinion that may not share his libertarian views or his pro-Bitcoin stance. He will also have to deal with the complex economic and social problems that afflict Argentina, such as inflation, poverty, corruption, and crime.


Javier Milei is a pro-Bitcoin libertarian who shocked Argentina by winning the primary election in Buenos Aires City. He represents a new political force that challenges the traditional parties and offers a radical alternative to the current situation. He has a loyal base of young supporters who are attracted by his anti-establishment rhetoric and his rock star persona. He also has a vision of making Argentina a Bitcoin-friendly country that embraces free markets and individual freedom.

However, Milei also faces many difficulties and uncertainties ahead of him. He will have to compete with other candidates who have more resources and experience than him. He will also have to convince more voters who may not agree with his views or trust his proposals. He will also have to confront the reality of governing a country that has many problems and challenges that require more than slogans and songs.

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