PS5 Slim: Sony Confirms No Change in Expandable Storage Feature

Sony has recently announced the launch of its new PS5 Slim model, which is a redesigned version of its popular PlayStation 5 console. The PS5 Slim is expected to be released sometime next month, and will have some notable differences from the original PS5, such as a smaller size, a lighter weight, and a larger internal SSD storage capacity. However, one feature that will remain unchanged is the expandable storage option, which allows users to add extra SSDs to their console for more space.

Expandable Storage: A Necessity for PS5 Users

One of the main challenges that PS5 users face is the limited storage space on their console, especially with the increasing file sizes of many blockbuster games. The original PS5 model had an internal SSD storage of 825GB, but only 667GB was usable for games and apps. This meant that users had to constantly delete and reinstall games to make room for new ones, or rely on external hard drives that were slower and less convenient.

PS5 Slim: Sony Confirms No Change in Expandable Storage Feature
PS5 Slim: Sony Confirms No Change in Expandable Storage Feature

To address this issue, Sony introduced the expandable storage feature, which allows users to install an additional M.2 SSD inside the console. This feature was enabled by a software update last month, and supports up to 8TB of extra SSD storage. However, not any M.2 SSD can be used for this purpose. Sony has specified that the M.2 SSD needs to be PCIe Gen4, and have a minimum read speed of 5,500MB/s. However, some users have reported that slower M.2 SSDs also work inside the console.

PS5 Slim: No Changes in Expandable Storage Process

With the announcement of the PS5 Slim model, some users may have wondered if the expandable storage feature would be affected by the redesign. However, Sony has confirmed that there will be no changes in this aspect, and that the PS5 Slim will still support the same expandable storage option as the original PS5.

A PlayStation spokesperson told IGN via email that the PS5 Slim that “there are no changes with the new model,” meaning the process of removing the back cover panel of the console and manually installing an additional SSD will remain the same. The only difference is that the PS5 Slim will have more internal SSD storage than the launch model, sporting 1TB instead of 825GB.

This is good news for gamers who are looking forward to buying the PS5 Slim, as they will still have the option to add more storage to their console if they need it. With many upcoming games launching on Sony’s ninth-generation home console, such as Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarok, and Gran Turismo 7, having enough storage space will be crucial for a smooth gaming experience.

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