Is Quake 6 Coming Soon? A Mysterious Tease Sparks Speculation

The classic first-person shooter series Quake may be getting a new installment, according to a subtle hint dropped by MachineGames during the Xbox Developer Direct 2024 event. The studio behind the modern Wolfenstein games and the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Great Circle briefly showed a whiteboard with the Quake logo and the words “Quake 6” in the background of their gameplay reveal. This has led to a lot of excitement and curiosity among Quake fans, who have been waiting for a new game since Quake Champions in 2017.

Is Quake 6 Coming Soon? A Mysterious Tease Sparks Speculation
Is Quake 6 Coming Soon? A Mysterious Tease Sparks Speculation

What is Quake and why is it important?

Quake is one of the most influential and popular video game franchises in history, created by id Software in 1996. The original Quake was a groundbreaking game that introduced real-time 3D graphics, networked multiplayer, and modding support to the genre. It also spawned several sequels and spin-offs, such as Quake II, Quake III Arena, Quake 4, and Quake Live, each with their own distinctive style and gameplay. Quake is widely regarded as a pioneer and a legend in the gaming industry, inspiring countless other games and developers.

What do we know about Quake 6?

Not much, to be honest. The tease by MachineGames was very brief and vague, and could have been a joke or a coincidence. However, there are some reasons to believe that it was intentional and that a new Quake game is in the works. First of all, MachineGames has a history of working on Quake, having developed two expansions for the original game, Dimension of the Past and Dimension of the Machine, which were included in the 2021 remaster. The studio also made 28 new campaign levels and a new Deathmatch level for the 2020 remaster of Quake II. Secondly, there have been rumors of id Software, the original creator of Quake, working on a new game for a while, and some signs have pointed to the game being Quake. For example, in 2019, id Software registered a trademark for “Quake” in the European Union, and in 2020, the studio hired a senior lighting artist who had previously worked on Quake Champions. Thirdly, Bethesda and Microsoft, the publishers and owners of Quake, have been reviving and remastering several classic games from their catalog, such as DOOM, Wolfenstein, and Fallout, and Quake seems like a natural candidate for a modern reboot.

What can we expect from Quake 6?

Again, this is mostly speculation, but based on the previous games and the current trends in the industry, we can make some educated guesses. Quake 6 could be a return to the roots of the series, with a dark and gritty atmosphere, a Lovecraftian horror theme, and a focus on single-player and co-op modes. Alternatively, it could be a continuation of the sci-fi and military aspects of Quake II and Quake 4, with a more cinematic and story-driven approach, and a blend of fast-paced and tactical combat. Or, it could be a hybrid of both, with elements from different Quake games and genres, such as horror, action, adventure, and puzzle. Whatever the case, we can expect Quake 6 to have stunning graphics, fluid gameplay, immersive sound, and extensive modding support, as well as online multiplayer and cross-play features.

When will we know more about Quake 6?

That is the million-dollar question. MachineGames has not commented on the tease, and neither have Bethesda or Microsoft. It is possible that they are waiting for a bigger event, such as E3 2024 or QuakeCon 2024, to officially announce and reveal Quake 6. It is also possible that they are still in the early stages of development, and that Quake 6 is not ready to be shown to the public yet. In any case, we will have to be patient and keep an eye on the news and social media for any updates or clues. Until then, we can only hope that Quake 6 is indeed coming soon, and that it will live up to the legacy and expectations of the fans.

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