The future of Mark Twain High School principal Deacon Windsor is uncertain after a dispute with a school resource officer over a vehicle accident. Students and parents in the Ralls County R-II School District showed their support for Windsor by holding a peaceful protest on Thursday night.

What happened between Windsor and the officer?

According to a Facebook post by Ralls County Sheriff Brad Stinson, Deputy Chris Walokta was asked to leave his post at the school to assist with a vehicle accident on September 28th. Stinson said this would have been improper and led to a disagreement between Walokta and Windsor.

Ralls County community rallies behind high school principal amid controversy
Ralls County community rallies behind high school principal amid controversy

The sheriff’s office did not provide any details about the nature or outcome of the dispute, but said it was investigating the matter.

The school district has not confirmed whether Windsor has been suspended or not, but said it was aware of the situation and was cooperating with the authorities.

How did the students and parents react?

Many students and parents in the Ralls County R-II School District expressed their shock and disappointment over the possibility of losing Windsor as their principal. They said Windsor was a dedicated and caring educator who went above and beyond for the students and families.

They organized a peaceful protest outside the school board meeting on Thursday night, holding signs and chanting slogans in support of Windsor.

They hoped to send a message to the school board that they wanted Windsor to stay at Mark Twain High School.

What did the school board say?

The school board held a closed session meeting on Thursday night to discuss personnel matters, according to the agenda. However, it did not reveal whether Windsor’s status was on the agenda or not.

The school board president, Mike Lister, said he could not comment on any specific personnel issues, but said the board was committed to providing a safe and positive learning environment for all students and staff.

He also thanked the community for their involvement and feedback, and asked for their patience and understanding as the board worked through the process.

What are the next steps?

It is unclear what will happen next for Windsor and the Ralls County R-II School District. The sheriff’s office has not announced any charges or disciplinary actions against Windsor or Walokta. The school district has not announced any decisions or actions regarding Windsor’s employment.

The students and parents who protested said they would continue to stand by Windsor and demand answers from the school board.

They said they hoped that Windsor would be reinstated as soon as possible and that the issue would be resolved peacefully and fairly.


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