How The Internet Reacted To The Rich People’s Problems


The internet is a great place to find entertainment, information, and inspiration. But sometimes, it can also be a source of frustration, anger, and disbelief. Especially when you come across some posts that show how out of touch some wealthy people are with the reality of most people.

Bored Panda, a popular website that features various topics such as art, animals, photography, and humor, recently compiled a list of 50 self-absorbed wealthy people that were shamed for their behavior online. The list includes examples of rich people complaining about trivial problems, flaunting their privilege, being rude to others, and showing a lack of empathy or awareness.

How The Internet Reacted To The Rich People’s Problems
How The Internet Reacted To The Rich People’s Problems

Some of the posts that made the list are:

  • A woman who dumped her boyfriend because he took her to Applebees instead of a fancy restaurant.
  • A kid who was jealous of his mom getting a car and threw a tantrum.
  • A person who was upset that the flight attendant brought out their entree before replacing their fork from their appetizer.
  • A person who bought a $11,000 car for their 16-year-old daughter and got mad when she crashed it.
  • A person who posted a picture of their Rolex watch on a pile of cash and captioned it “poor people are disgusting”.
  • A person who asked for advice on how to deal with their maid who was stealing food from their fridge.

The list has received over 100,000 views and thousands of comments from the readers. Many of them expressed their disgust, disbelief, and amusement at the rich people’s problems. Some of them also shared their own stories of encountering wealthy people who were clueless or insensitive.

Here are some of the comments from the readers:

  • “These people need a reality check. They have no idea how lucky they are and how hard some people have to work to survive.”
  • “I can’t believe some of these posts are real. How can someone be so spoiled and entitled?”
  • “These posts make me laugh and cry at the same time. It’s sad that some people are so out of touch with the world.”
  • “I once worked as a waitress and I had a customer who complained that his steak was too big. He said he wanted a smaller one because he was on a diet. He then proceeded to order two desserts and a bottle of wine.”
  • “I used to work as a nanny for a rich family and they treated me like dirt. They never paid me on time, they never gave me any breaks, and they always expected me to do everything for them. They even made me clean their dog’s poop.”
  • “I have a friend who is very wealthy and he always brags about his expensive vacations, cars, clothes, etc. He once told me that he doesn’t understand why poor people don’t just work harder or get better jobs. He said that anyone can be rich if they really want to.”

The list of 50 self-absorbed wealthy people that were shamed for their behavior online is not only a source of entertainment, but also a reminder of how different the lives of some people are from others. It also shows how important it is to be grateful for what we have, to be respectful of others, and to be aware of the issues that affect the world.


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