How to Safely Message on Ashley Madison without Paying

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a popular dating platform that has been making headlines for years. It is unique in its approach, as it caters to those who are in a committed relationship but still want to explore their options.

One significant concern is that Ashley Madison is not free. Sending messages to other users requires a paid subscription, which not everyone can afford. But what if there was a way to message on Ashley Madison without paying? As an app developer, I have found some tricks that I would like to share with you.

Understanding Ashley Madison Messaging System

Before we dive into the tricks, it’s essential to understand how messaging works on Ashley Madison. The platform uses a credit-based system, meaning you purchase credits to send messages or initiate chat sessions. The cost of messaging is based on how many credits you have, and prices range from $0.49 to $0.29 per credit. If you are a regular user, buying credits can become expensive, and that is where our tricks come handy. So keep reading.

Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison

Using Free Chat Sessions

Ashley Madison also offers free chat sessions to its members. You can initiate a chat session with other users for free, but it comes with a catch – the other person has to be online when you initiate the chat. A chat session has a maximum duration of 30 minutes, so you need to make the most of it. However, this is an excellent way to send messages without paying and have a quick conversation without having to use credits.

Using the Ashley Madison Priority Messaging Feature

Another way to message other users on Ashley Madison without paying is by using the Priority Messaging feature. This feature puts your message at the top of the user’s inbox, increasing the chances of your message getting noticed.

You can use this feature by spending your credits, and the cost depends on the user’s profile and your location. To access this feature, click on the “Send priority message” button on the user’s profile, and you’ll be prompted to buy credits if you don’t have any.

Sending Winks to Other Users

Another great way to send messages on Ashley Madison without paying is to use the Wink feature. This feature allows users to send Winks to other users to show interest without having to message them directly.

Winks are free of charge and allow you to initiate a conversation without using credits. If the other user is interested, they can wink back, and you can take it from there.

Making Use of The Credit System

The credit system can be confusing for new users, but it can work in your favor if used correctly. Ashley Madison offers a free sign-up bonus that includes 100 credits. These credits can be used to test out the messaging system and send messages to other users without having to pay.

You can also earn more credits by completing your profile, uploading photos, or referring friends. So be sure to take advantage of these credit-based features to message without paying.

Joining Ashley Madison Forums

Ashley Madison also has forums where users can post about their interests or discuss topics with other users. The forums have a messaging system that allows users to send messages to other users without using credits.

This is an excellent place to start a conversation or get to know other users without having to spend money. So be sure to join some forums and participate in conversations to message on Ashley Madison without paying.

Excelling in Discreet Messaging

One of Ashley Madison’s main selling points is discretion, and to maintain this, the platform has implemented several measures, including a discreet messaging system. This system allows users to mask their phone numbers, which comes in handy for international users who don’t want to reveal their real number.

To use this system, click on the “Send a new message” button, which opens a pop-up window that allows you to input the user’s information, message, and select the option to use the discreet messaging system.

Utilizing Ashley Madison Credits to their Fullest Potential

Although Ashley Madison credits cost real money, they offer several benefits that make them worth the investment.

Apart from messaging, credits can be used to send virtual gifts, initiate chat requests, access lists of users who have viewed your profile, and even have your profile highlighted in search results. With these benefits, you can maximize your chances of connecting with other users and make the most out of your Ashley Madison experience.

Using Third-Party Messaging Apps

If all else fails, you can use third-party messaging apps to communicate with users on Ashley Madison. Apps like Kik, Whatsapp, and Telegram are popular messaging platforms that do not charge for messaging.

You can connect with other users on Ashley Madison and chat via these apps, without having to spend any money. However, keep in mind that this method of communication is not approved by Ashley Madison and comes with risks of being banned.


Messaging on Ashley Madison without paying can be challenging, but with these tricks, you can connect with other users and explore your options without having to spend a lot of money. Remember to use the credit-based system and take advantage of the free sign-up bonuses to maximize your messaging opportunities. Don’t forget to join forums, send free winks, and utilize free chat sessions to connect with other users. However, always be careful when using third-party messaging apps, as they are not officially supported by Ashley Madison. Stay safe and have fun exploring your options on Ashley Madison, without breaking the bank.

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