iPhone 15 Pro Max Gets a New Camera Cage for Filmmakers

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is one of the most powerful smartphones for video recording, with features like log encoding, external SSD support, and a triple-lens camera system. However, to make the most of its capabilities, filmmakers need a way to attach accessories and stabilize the device. That’s where the new camera cage from SmallRig comes in.

A camera cage is a metal frame that wraps around the smartphone and provides multiple mounting points for accessories such as microphones, lights, lenses, filters, and handles. A camera cage also protects the phone from scratches and bumps, and allows for better grip and control.

How does the SmallRig camera cage work?

The SmallRig camera cage for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is designed in collaboration with filmmaker Brandon Li, who is known for his cinematic travel videos. The cage uses a “One Click” locking system that secures the phone with a strong magnet, while silicone pads prevent any damage to the phone. The cage supports MagSafe charging and wireless charging, and does not block any of the phone’s buttons or ports.

The cage has 10 1/4″-20 threaded holes and two cold shoe mounts for attaching various accessories. It also comes with two detachable side handles that can be mounted on the top, bottom, left, or right sides of the cage, depending on the shooting preference. The handles have a rubberized surface and a wrist strap for comfortable and secure holding.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Gets a New Camera Cage for Filmmakers

One of the highlights of the cage is the magnetic variable neutral density (VND) filter that can be attached to the phone’s camera. A VND filter is essential for controlling the exposure and achieving a cinematic look in bright conditions, as the iPhone does not have aperture control. The filter can be easily rotated to adjust the amount of light entering the lens, and can be removed with a simple pull.

The cage also supports M-Mount lenses, which are 17mm/37mm threaded lenses and T-series lenses that can be attached to the phone’s camera with optional backplates. These lenses can offer different focal lengths and effects, such as wide-angle, telephoto, macro, and fisheye. Additionally, the cage can accommodate other magnetic filters, such as circular polarizer (CPL), star cross, and 1/4 black mist.

How much does the SmallRig camera cage cost?

The SmallRig camera cage for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is available for pre-order from the SmallRig website, with shipping expected on November 6. The cage without the handles and the VND filter costs $46.90, while the version with both the add-ons costs $118.90. The cage is compatible with the iPhone 15 Pro Max only, and not with other iPhone models.

Why should filmmakers use the SmallRig camera cage?

The SmallRig camera cage for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is a versatile and affordable solution for filmmakers who want to take their iPhone videos to the next level. The cage allows for more creative and stable shooting, as well as better audio and lighting quality. The cage also enhances the phone’s camera performance with the VND filter and the M-Mount lenses. The cage is easy to use and carry, and does not compromise the phone’s functionality or aesthetics.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is already a powerful tool for video recording, but with the SmallRig camera cage, it can become a professional filmmaking device.

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